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A Week In Review: Your Weekend Readings

First, a ‘gentlemanly battle’ between a pro-establishment New York Times columnist (Keller) and one of the heroes of our generation (Greenwald), an exciting reading:

Keller: Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?
Then, world of madness (in Leicester!);
People caught spitting in street face £80 fine
Then the usual greed of the few corrupt;
Profits for energy firms DOUBLE in a year adding £50 to every family’s bill while wholesale prices barely change
Oh, and they found Savile’s driver dead, apparently ‘suicide’, mmm;
Savile’s convicted paedophile BBC driver found dead on day he was due to stand trial for sex crimes uncovered in Yewtree probe
the real face of ‘western/British democracy’;
Cameron hints at ‘tougher measures’ if media continues publishing Snowden leaks
Britain’s GCHQ shepherding mass surveillance operations throughout Europe
Freedom of Informationby Ken Auletta
RELEASE US: a short film on police brutality
Oakland activist allegedly fired after police tracked him at protest, alerted his employer
What poppies, Prince George and the NSA tell us about freedom
Now Barclays probed over the rigging of foreign currency rates: Regulators investigate claims traders manipulated £3trillion-a-day market
It knows all about your life, now it wants to get inside your HEAD: Facebook trialling new technology to track users’ behaviour online
A medal at the British embassy for Birmingham’s Neo-Nazi terrorist — RT Op-Edge
Gleen Greenwald says his final goodbye from The Guardian. First they force him out of US (while a columnist for Salon), and now the Guardian????;
As I leave the Guardian, I am proud of the way we have reported the NSA story
finally some interesting research studies for your intellectual feeding;
Young women use gossip to shun pretty rivals when looking for a sexual partner
Top turn-ons? Clean sheets and weight loss: Survey finds what really is most effective at getting your partner into bed
Survival of the unfittest…
So much for social mobility… 1,000 years after William the Conquerer invaded, you still need a Norman name like Darcy or Percy to get ahead
Moral in the morning, but dishonest later in the afternoon: Our ability to tell the truth wanes over the course of a day
What your dog’s tail wagging tells you about his emotions
The Stone: Psyching Us Out



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