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The Disturbing Breaking Story: Dear Muslims Sisters (In UK), Prepare Yourselves For The Coming Islamic Veil Ban! (and apparently is for your best of interests!!!!)

This is part two of the recent disturbing headlines across Europe and UK on how laws are manipulated and used against traditional Islamic [Religious-Cultural] Ways of Life. For Part one click here or go directly to the next post below; the post discusses (with original source-links) German mixed swimming laws, Birmingham College defeat, France and Canada new ‘Secular Laws’ etc.

For the upcoming UK Islamic Veil Ban, read the following collections below from UK mainstream (broadsheet) media, and why you should (if a Muslim sister) for such inevitable event/law taking place, because even under facade of Liberalism and ”Britishness” you (and us all, as Muslims and minorities) we are not really accepted as ‘British’, that is the ugly truth held strongly within the establishment (and general national sentiment), hence you will always hear the cries of ”let them integrate to our, real, British way of life”, from those who deem themselves as British and us (all minorities, Muslim or not) as just pesty-immigrants!

The best reasoning (typical of British ‘BS’) is that the Veil Ban is purely of interests of the Muslim sisters, apparently, to be ”set free” from the bonds of their ”mastering male counterpart”!!!!

Lib Dem minister calls for debate on Islamic veil | Politics | The Guardian
Fully veiled women hinder progressive Islam – Comment – Voices – The Independent
Veils ‘not appropriate in school’
It is not appropriate for students to wear veil in the classroom, says Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg could support ban on veils in classrooms
Full-face veils are ‘inappropriate’ in schools, Clegg warns as Tory MP calls for ban because ‘they make women invisible’
Ban ‘offensive’ full-face veils in ALL schools because ‘they make women invisible,’ urges Tory MP
We need ‘national debate’ on veils in court – former DPP
Added Sat Sept 21, 2013;
Is the veil the biggest issue we face in the UK?
Who wears them?
‘Islam is not a race’ is a cop out
Simon Jenkins: spare us a ‘national debate’



Bill Maher: US world’s policeman or school bully?
NSA ‘Follow the Money’ branch spied on Visa customers, SWIFT transactions – report
and few other interesting readings;
High life of the BBC fatcats: The ex-Deputy DG enjoying his £3.4million pension aged just 55 and the designer-clad payoff queen accused of lying to MPs
UK bioethicists promoting a second wave of eugenics
The 10 best fonts
Cheating death
Say Goodbye to the Password
Ditch the diet! Why carrying a few extra pounds can actually make you live longer
Letter to an unknown whistleblower – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition


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