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On The Disturbing Growing Trend: How Laws Are Used To ”De-Islamitize” (Against) Western Muslims!

The has been a disturbingly growing trend inside the western world today where laws are exploited, manipulated and used against Muslims in order to de-Islamitize these western Muslims; in other words, that is criminalizing traditions of Islamic (cultural-religious) ways of life. The creeping trend we warned about for sometime now; yesterday is veil ban, tomorrow will be mosque prayers, and then perhaps (nightmarishly) a complete ban on religious expressions, associations and practices.

Of course the trend started in France with the Veil-ban, and recently followed by this little aptly called ”Secularism Charter” where Muslims and other religious are banned from wearing or displaying any of their religious-cultural symbols dressings or practises (click here for the article– France24). This is followed by a similar ”Charter” being debated at the present in Canada (click here– France24). Also this week a German court ruled against segregation for Muslim schoolgirls during co-ed swimming, the case was brought by an 11-years old Moroccan-German girl who refused to swim, even when fully covered with a ‘burqini’ (special Muslim Ladies swimming attire), with boys (click here for the story– Der Spiegel and here – The Economist).

Here at home, in UK, we had this week the overwhelmingly defeated calls by a Birmingham college to ban in the use of veil, burqa and other forms of Muslim wears during classes (or any general visits inside the campus areas) apparently for ”security measures” (click here– Daily Mail). Then we have Mr. Cameron (UK PM) stating his willingness to lending his full support to such a ban at his children local school (click here– Telegraph).

On other Muslim related headlines, staying in UK, we have the report of 56’000 Muslims stopped and questioned under Schedule 7 of ”anti-terror laws” (click here– The Guardian), and the refusal by Scotland Yard to disclose more details on such detention based on profiling (click here– The Guardian).

On local Leicester news, of course we have had the big story of a murder attack on a Muslim family in Spinney Hills (Wood Hills, near Jamia Mosque; click here for the story– Leicester Mercury). For how much expenses your local Leicestershire MPs spent in the past year, 1.5m, follow this link (Leicester Mercury).

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