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Covert Action In Action (Part II): Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy, ”The Syrian Expert” Is Thrown Out/Sacrificed to Cover Further Investigation Into The New Powers of Institute For The Study of War (ISW) On Contemporary Post-9/11 US Government Foreign-Security Policies

On the post below, ‘Covert Action In Action (On Syria)‘, we discussed the exploitation and infiltration of ‘covert actors’ within specific nations pillars of power, e.g. the media etc, and reprinted an excellent article on the case of Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy, a 26 years old American from The Institute For The Study of War (ISW, a right-wing and militarist US-funded ”think-tank”). Ms. O’Bagy has been riding high on the 15-mins fame as a well-recognized, ‘respected’ and popular ”Syrian Expert” (even cited by top policymakers, in the likes of Kerry and McCain) but as things stand she has been outed as to be not what she claims to be; for the full story follow this link.

What is interesting for those ‘expert’ in the field and profession is that what seemed to have happened is the traditional ”sacrificial lamb” thrown out to the hounding wolves (the press and politicians searching and asking hard questions) in order to protect the new heights of power of the Kagans, husband and wife, ‘founded’ ISW, which has grown proportionally out of power in directing, influencing and at times, manipulating the ”terror hysteria” prevalent within US administrations and nation-psyche, by engaging directly with US Foreign-Security-inclined policies; from directly supporting field operations in Afghanistan to Iraq and other places (Petreaus right-hand people, apparently), to setting an agenda for US global militarization.

In short, Ms. O’Bagy is an operative sacrificed to protect the real culprit of propaganda and policy-manipulation in the shadows, ISW!



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