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Introducing Liberal Fascism: John Pilger MUST READ Guardian Article (and few on NSA and Smartphone, CIA Fabricated Syria Chem-Attack, John Hopkins and Prof. Matthew Green and more)

The first of the must reads article is of course by John Pilger which appeared today on The Guardian (On Liberal Fascism or Militarist West): click here (or see the full article reprinted here below).

The second is an excellent article by The Independent written by Andreas Whittam Smith (On How The West Is Losing The World, By Pretending To Be The Responsible Policeman): Click Here.

Third excellent article is from Der Spiegel on NSA [new leaks] and the targeting of the new Smartphones, Blackberries etc: Click Here., and for a similarly related article on this new level of economic espionage (which has always been denied, and claimed as only conducted by foreign nations like China against the west), see RT article (here).

And for the most shocking of these must read article is that which comes from The Guardian accounting on how even the academic sphere is no longer truly ”free and independent” (this of course has never been s even in the past, but this is the new levels of western totalitarianism), relates to the story about a John Hopkins Professor who was forced to take down his blog for ‘being to critical on government/NSA criminal behaviour’: Click Here.

On CIA and Syria Chemical Lies: Click Here.

On French New Education Law which will see a full ban on Muslim Headscarves at schools, click here.

On the silence of Asian Girls Sex-Abuses and Exploitation, click here.

On Church Of England possessing shares (investing) with shady businesses (for example Wonga Pay-Day Loans and now), e.g. Arms Manufacturers (while ”preaching peace”!!!!); click here.

For just pass-a-day articles for amusement and interests, see the little selection below;

Deputy speaker on sex charges
House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans re-arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and sexual touching after two further alleged victims come forward
Police fitness test ‘is biased in favour of fat male officers’ because it prioritises strength and forces women to endure ‘sexist’ conditions
Naked man caught ‘having sex’ with Land Rover



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