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On Syria: Congress To Vote For War (Yes), Because AIPAC Has Paid Already!

The new breaking news is of course the ”postponement” of ”surgical strikes” by Americans and ”her allies” on Syria which was initially planned last [mid] week and then forwarded to next week (after John Kerry, US Secretary of State or to those unfamiliar with the title, a foreign secretary, ‘declaration of war’ speech this week; by the way, J. Kerry is a Jew whose family originally changed their Jewish-sounding name, as most of the earlier Jewish immigrants to US, to a more ”Gentile”, i.e. is a Jewish word for more European/Americanized/non-Jewish names) and now US is going for a magic trick to fool the idiots of the world that ”democracies” still have to listen to their ”representatives” by giving a Congress a ”voice” (something that most American administrations in power tend to avoid when seeking a violent aggression on others who have not harmed them or their interests, of course unless an administration believes fully that the vote will pass for yes- in other words, the administration will get their little small wars!).

The British Regime decided to try this also during the week with a narrow defeat of very few votes (mostly as a result of those who chose to play ‘diplomacy’ by ‘staying away’ from the parliament during the voting phase.

Anyway, the Congress to our opinion will pass the vote (and s is the opinion of many other, for example Congressional approval just a ‘democratic add-on’ to Obama’s war with Syria — RT Op-Edge ) with either an overwhelming Yes or a very similar result to ours (UK), that is a narrow win (not defeat, the only difference to ours), because the Contemporary American Congress is overwhelmingly pro-Jewish, and are mostly on pay of AIPAC (the powerful American pro-Jewish Lobby Group), unlike the UK we are only now becoming the focus of greater Jewish interest groups within the political-security establishments in manipulating and shaping UK Foreign Policies.

In short, US will go to war- which will probably mean………………..

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