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On Syria: The Farce of Parliament ‘Vote’ and How Your Leicester[shire] MPs Voted (Incl. Your Recommended Weekend Readings)

A simple statement.

Parliamentary Vote (Against Syria Aggression) or Not once the bombs start raining on Syria Britain will find some excuse to overthrow the No vote and get herself into the aggression. This is a fact based on [a] previous British behaviour and [b] her perception of her ‘global image or disillusioned role’.

For a list of how your Leicestershire MPs voted got to Leicestershire MPs vote on Syria | Leicester Mercury. Check out closely the ‘For Votes’, most are ‘Friends of Palestine Jews’; in pay or other perks.

For other highly recommended [headline] readings from this week check out this selected list;

NYPD spying on Mosques is ‘outrageous’
Big Brother Britain? UK government makes third largest number of requests for Facebook user information in the world
Little Britain: The mouse that (finally) roared
From ‘Free’ West to fascist fire-starters in 60 yrs: Where did we go so wrong?
‘Why are we hiring racists?’ Storm over police recruit who was disciplined for sending racist ‘jokes’ to colleagues
Why do we still fool ourselves that Britain is a great power? | Mail Online
NSA pays U.S. firms millions for communications network access
NSA pays major telecom companies for access to data networks
Syria hit could up Raytheon payday
The Black Budget
Snowden reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs
Your tax dollars at work: Inside the United States’ $52.6B “black budget”
Diana, that SAS murder claim – and why it may not be as mad as you think: Sue Reid, who’s studied all the evidence, has found tantalising new clues



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