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On Syria: The Four Critical Questions The ”Independent” Western Media and Commentators Refuse To Ask

First Question, and undoubtedly the most important, is;

Why would Assad Syrian Armed Forces on a tactical and operational advantages on the battlefield at the present (that is winning massively against the ”rebels”) commit a suicide of using pre-warned (as red-line for intervention) chemical weapons?

So far no one has cared to ask such a question, from their trigger-happy leaders or ”experts”.

Second Question is;

Who is the main source of the new ”evidence” of chemical use by Assad forces?

The answer is know around as the Palestine-Jews. But so far no one has followed up on what behind it’s presentation (the interests) and so forth.

Third Question is;

Who gave the ”West” (UK, US and France/NATO) prerogative powers of world governance/police?

Final Question is;

Why no one has ever asked what are the so-called ”national security” concerns of Syria repeatedly purported by western leaders and media?

All these questions echoes the pre-Iraq War of 2003 failure of ”independent” western media in asking tough questions and merely accepting their national governments side of the story without investigating actual facts. And when ”the war is over” it is when they ”start pointing fingers of unanswered pre-war questions and issues” (a tactic used merely for propaganda reasons not actual journalism).

Whatever happens these are the questions we should all ask ourselves seriously to distinguish between a ”humanitarian intervention wars” and actual wars of colonial/corporate self-interests.

For an excellent collection of this week headline articles, check out the selected list below;

Attempted arson attack on Harlow mosque
French Muslim girl, 16, tries to kill herself after two men threatened her with a box cutter and ripped off her veil
French girl attempts suicide after ‘veil attack’
NYPD labels mosques terror enterprises
The NYPD Division of Un-American Activities
The real threat to our way of life? Our politicians and securocrats
Privatised justice and the erosion of democracy in the UK
Fourteen years and counting: Iraq inquiry report delayed until 2014
Private security giant faces police inquiry into possible fraud over £285m prison contract
Facebook reveals 25,000 government requests for data
The war on Iran begins…in Syria — RT Op-Edge
Hans Blix: the west has no police mandate
Codename ‘Apalachee’ How America Spies on Europe and the UN
Reddit co-founder sought work with shadowy intelligence firm, WikiLeaks reveals — RT USA
Something rotten in American politics The hustlers and parasites who make up Washington’s political establishment
The world according to the global power brokers — RT Op-Edge
From billionaire’s yacht Blair urges Syria attack, but…This war monger is the very last man we should listen to
Tony Blair ‘asked for Government aid’
Fighting Fatigue in the Afternoon With Exercise – WSJ.com
Theft, blackmail and sexual exploitation: Homeless ‘under threat’ in private B&Bs, says report




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