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With Arms Not Peaceful Protests (Sit-Ins): The Lessons From The So-Called ”Arab Spring” and Egypt For the Rest of The [Islamic] World

What post (so-called) ”Arab Spring” has clearly illustrated is that democracy, as properly defined and practised, will never be allowed to rein across the Muslim World not by so-called ”Islamists” but rather by major western powers and their weakling regional cohorts and muppets, simply because the Muslim World does not trust the west and has no love for the west (even when attempts of bribery and buy-outs to win hearts and minds take place across the region), which in essence also means the loss of great influence, control, command and management of regional politics by such old colonial-imperial western powers in the region (Chomsky’s articles and interviews on the guardian are highly recommended:

[1] 6-mins Video: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2011/aug/31/noam-chomsky-terrorism-video

[2] http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/feb/14/losing-the-world-american-decline-noam-chomsky

[3] http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/feb/15/imperial-way-american-decline-noam-chomsky)

In other words, Islamic Democracy is a a great threat and danger for the west, hence it will never be allowed to take the reins of political discourse and rule, as such we are presented by well-architect-ed ”popular coups” against the majority-popularly elected Islamist governments across the regions (which started against the popularly elected Hamas in early 2000 in Palestine). Next in line as we forecasted in the past is of course Tunisia (already burning), Libya (to clean out the Islamic Democrats voices), within the Gulf Countries (to stamp out the powerful and popular Muslim Brotherhoods) etc.

In short, the lessons from so-called ”Arab Spring” and Egypt (most recent) is simple, arms not peaceful protests make and secure real democratic revolutions and clean out foreign colonial/imperial hold on your countries’ sovereign rights. The recent ”coups” are merely western-engineered counter-revolutions efforts to return these precious nations and greater region to it’s comfortable mastering-hands (to continue to enslave and dominate, and steal from these regions with ease).


Other selected and recommended readings;

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the case of the UK police spy sent out against the honourable George Galloway (Respect MP), ‘whitewashed and buried in the news’;

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News From the US;
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Others [added sat 17.08.13]
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Senior civil servants’ tax bills paid using public money
NSA broke privacy rules THOUSANDS of times a year and hid it from regulators, new documents leaked by Snowden reveal
Reuters / Dado Ruvic Facebook makes you unhappy


Detective jailed for three years after asking domestic violence victims to touch his groin and have sex with him
Sale of listings firm could hand Hunt £15m and propel him to top of Cabinet rich list
‘Uncontrolled by FISA court, NSA commits thousands of privacy violations per year’
N.S.A. Often Broke Rules on Privacy, Audit Shows
Court: Ability to police U.S. spying program is limited
NSA privacy breaches ‘tip of iceberg’


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