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Minority Vote: How We Correctly Foresaw The Trend, and Why The Next Trend Is Much Strategically Important!

In one of our old posts (click the link: https://highfieldsoffice.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/looking-into-the-future-of-voting-behaviour-in-uk-what-might-happen-when-the-british-minorities-voters-grow/) we made a note on how the observed dynamic trend from the 2012 US Presidential election which saw a small, but growing and dynamic, sector of the American ethnic minorities (namely, the Latino and Asians) redefining the US electoral dynamics by proving to be the most decisive factor in the contest for presidency, and we argued how such a trend was naturally going to happen across the western ”multicultural” world, for example, as we saw with the accounted rising number in ethnic population from 2011 UK Census.

Anyway, today the newspapers have printed the new published study which recognize our prediction that in the future (to them apparently as early as 2015 which we do not agree with, we see it as too early) the ethnic vote will be a key defining ‘swing/deciding vote’.

This new trend, minority vote, of course is not going to change much, especially the strategic culture of Britain, or the west in general, in how it interacts and behave domestically or internationally even with the pressure from this new formidable voting block/pressure group. However what might change this Western/British dominant and persistent strategic culture (wehrmacht kaiserlich/imperial worldview and domestically Victorian Whig-ism/ethnocentrism) is the rise of ethnic politicians inside the western world. Of course, those preexisting self-interested old power-families will try as hard as they have done throughout generations to hold on their power mantles by manipulating (filling in; that is, still dominating the actual real power centres of governments such as the bureaucracies, the security services/law enforcement etc). But once the evolution is in phase even the most cleverest of manipulation attempts and designs can never stop the wheels in motion. This is what happened to Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ottoman Empire, Pharaoh’s Egypt, Colonies during Imperial Ages (16th century to the present), the discovery of the Americas and the inevitable armed-robbery of the lands from the natives to new European settlers.

Important Dictum is: What destroys the foreign bodies/states, is the intake of foreign bodies/people, and which in time ascend to key power centres leaving the old body unrecognizable or completely valueless (the biological effects of a foreign virus to a healthy foreign body is an apt example)!

Anyhow here are the links to the new study;

Minority vote could sway election [The Guardian]

Minority vote could decide 2015 election [The Telegraph]



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