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On Growing UK ‘Domestic Terror’ Against British-Muslims: A Third Bomb-Attack On Another West Midlands Mosque (Wolverhampton), and selections of interesting news articles

The Main Story: A Third Bomb Attack In West Midlands

Follow the link to the story (Source: Daily Mail): Bomb disposal units evacuate third Midland mosque as police say device may have been activated THREE WEEKS ago

For Jokes of the week:

First, excusing the UK spies from the ‘crime of the decade’ (mass surveillance as leaked by Edward Snowden), apparently ‘they didnt do it’ (the usual expected behaviour, after all a system to watch over it is made up of the former members and those benefiting from these secret services!): British spies did NOT use US Prism programme to get round UK law, intelligence watchdog rules

Second, Barclays hit with another punitive fine for a serious crime (another ”watchdog” excusing one of it’s own, in essence): Barclays hit with ANOTHER record fine of almost £300m for rigging US energy market

For Informative Insight of dirty tricks:

The link to this article shows how when one (who was a former or a present member of the core establishment) decided to blow the lid off the corrupted character of the system, then one will be target ferociously in order to discredit his credibility or/and stability. The story is about Peter Francis, former Met Police undercover cop who exposed the abuse of power within British Policing Establishment in his book, this is how the establishment struck back: SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: A very troubled undercover cop and growing doubts over the police ‘plot’ to smear the Lawrence family

UPDATED (Sat Jul 20th): For a reply to above smear tactics, read this little Guardian Article  Whistleblower Peter Francis said he’d be smeared. He was right

Corrupted Broken Britain:

For the usual special focus on contemporary British Corrupted System make your choice from the list of articles below:

Cameron ‘caved in to big tobacco’, Miliband claims in call for inquiry into Tory election guru who lobbies for cigarette firms
Six police face sack over racist texts
Tory election guru can keep his corporate clients secret until after general election despite new legislation to clean up lobbying
The great outsourcing scandal: Firms ‘cut corners’ to cream profits off public
Five rail bosses on £11m gravy train: Three-year pay and bonus deal ‘is a reward for failure’
Double your money! UK private security as terrorism vector
Excellent Research Study:
The article from Daily Mail on how to increase your daily productive and to beat off those little day-slumps is highly recommended (I can personally vouch for 95 per cent of these tips as very effective and do indeed work): How 90 seconds of rock can get you rolling: Psychologist offers tips to make us all more productive
added interesting selection of article:
Terror threat must not be exaggerated, warns watchdog – Telegraph
Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain under NDAA
‘You are being tracked’: ACLU reveals docs of mass license plate reader surveillance
A ghost of ignorance? Race and racism in contemporary Italy
How to be a rogue super­power
Surveillance blowback – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition
Neoliberalism and the revenge of the “social” | openDemocracy



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