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On Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Mos Def (the Rapper) & Reprieve (Human Rights Org) Attempt to Replicate The Inhumane Realities of Guantanamo Force-Feeding

The video was made by the internationally-respected and recognized human rights support group, Reprieve in collaboration with Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def, an American Rapper). Mr. Bey takes the role of a Guantanamo inmate in this clip and experience (to limited legality) the inhuman realities of Guantanamo force-feeding.

Be Warned: The Video [4mins] must be disturbing for some watchers.

THE VIDEO LINK (Source: The Guardian):



Or Reprieve webpage:



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6 thoughts on “On Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Mos Def (the Rapper) & Reprieve (Human Rights Org) Attempt to Replicate The Inhumane Realities of Guantanamo Force-Feeding

  1. The way out of torture is paved with broken doctors!
    In solidarity with the hunger-striking people in Guantanamo and most recently in California this is important to know.

    How this can be done, even on the condition of solitary confinement?
    See here: http://spkpfh.de/Solitary_confinement.htm

    See also the Message of solidarity to the 30.000 California Prisoner Hunger Strikers:

    Posted by Suzanne Altmann | July 18, 2013, 10:02 pm
    • Hi Suzanne,

      thanks for your comment, and we thought you might be interested with this little article from RT on the issue you just engaged with, the california hunger-strike.

      The Link:


      Posted by highfieldsoffice | July 20, 2013, 7:48 am
      • Hi JG,

        thank you for your answer, but – maybe due to technical difficulties, I don’ know – I can’t see any link. Can you post the link again? Or tell me the name of the particular article you have in mind?

        Honestly, I would also be very interested what you or other people think of the video of Mr. Bey. A lot of comments I read are either simply hostile or too abstract.
        I mean, a lot of people never think about being in prison, let alone in solitary confinement, hunger-striking. And surely most of the people in Guantanamo never thought they would ever have any reason to think about such things. But being captured they had no choice anymore, they had to think about it.
        So the thing anybody can learn from that is, that nobody is save from such things. But instead of becoming anxious one can learn how to defend him- or herself even in such situations, even shift from defending to offending, for example via hunger-strike.
        Knowing friend or foe is most important in these situations. In the video it gets quite clear that the foe is the medical officer – he is the one trying to break the protest of the hunger-striking prisoners via force feeding.

        As the anniversary of the assault on the French Bastille (a prison) was just some days ago I would like to post also a small poem, taken from the text “What we wanted to revolutionise so far?” ( http://spkpfh.de/Revolutionising_the_revolution.htm )

        The Albigenses are followed by the Hussites
        Who revenge bloodily what those have suffered
        After Hus and Ziska come Luther, Hutten
        The 30 years, the fighters of the Cevennes,
        The assaulters on the Bastille, AND SO FORTH.

        Again and again people have made revolutions! We should keep going!


        Posted by Suzanne Altmann | July 21, 2013, 3:25 pm
      • Hi Suzanne,

        Thanks again for your comment, and for the article-link try googling this ‘Inmates claim prison guards are retaliating against hunger-strikers in California’, you will find articles from The Guardian (UK) and the originally recommended via RT (Russia Today, here is the link again: http://rt.com/usa/california-hunger-strike-retaliation-322/).

        You are on the point on revolutions and the likes, and the facts of the matter is anything is possible even in the age of hyper-establishment-surveillance, but sadly western masses have been well transformed into drones/zombies by their real corporate masters, no forseeable revolt within. In other words, do not hold your breathe for any real change or reform. Anyway you might link this little blog; http://internationalresistance.wordpress.com/

        In Solidarity for Global Peace and Social Justice,


        Posted by highfieldsoffice | July 21, 2013, 4:55 pm
  2. Hi JG / Saeed,

    Thanks for the link.
    Reading your answers some thoughts came across my mind that I would like to share with you.

    You say „no forseeable revolt within“. But the revolution happens everyday everywhere. Everytime someone gets ill and therefore cannot cope with the requirements of capitalism there is a small revolutionary occurrence. How did this person got ill? By the same capitalist working and living conditions. In short: capitalism produces its own limit, because more and more people get ill (look around!).
    In the moment illness is starting to protest nothing and nobody can stay the same. Have you, for example, ever been going to work with 40°C fever? Fever strike, immediately! Or think about the millions of people with so-called dementia, forgetting everything, no longer exploitable.
    Illness is stronger than capitalism, and it is stronger than the „army in white“, the doctatorship, the medical doctors’ class.

    Everywhere you encounter illness you meet people who are protesting – even if they don’t know. And each time it is an opportunity to take sides with illness. In terms of class war: patients’ class against medical doctors’ class. Doing that is completely new and nothing is similar to it. The same for the liberating effects coming with it: utopathy.

    If you or your readers would like to know more, you may have a look at these texts of the Socialist Patients’ Collective / Patients’ Front, fighting for some decades now on the side of the patients’ class:

    But there also exists an explosive mixture of bungled life and consciousness … (radio transmission): http://spkpfh.de/Radio_Dreyeckland_explosive_mixture.htm
    Illness is substance and subject, also of all revolutions: http://spkpfh.de/Illness_is_substance_and_subject_of_all_revolutions.htm
    Iatro-Imperialism: http://spkpfh.de/Iatroimperialism.html
    The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium: http://spkpfh.de/GENOZIDengl.html

    It may not be your path, but let me tell you:
    If you see a doctor, knock him down at once!

    Illnesses of the World unite!


    Posted by Suzanne Altmann | July 22, 2013, 7:18 pm
    • Hi Suzanne,

      I appreciate your passionate frustration witht the system [capitalism]. I myself I was raised as a passionate neo-marxist. We can all blame the system and lose the focus of the real problem [the greedy people running the greedy corporations]; the past revolutionaries who managed to appreciate such a critical distinction won (Russia, China, Cuba, Latin American, Vietnamese etc), but those who call themselves resistance or revolutionaries and go after the system always lose (red armies of 60s/70s, African anti-colonialists etc).

      In short, anyone can give passion to revolutions, but they must have a viable alternative and at the present, sadly, for the consumerists of western capitalists/liberalism system (that the masses of the world dependent on materialism and wealth), there is no other viable alternative. Socialism is under attack from neoliberalists (go to ‘opendemocracy’, they have full articles on these plus the new ‘socialist alternative’, referred to as the Kilburn Manifesto; you might also wish to view our own/JG alternative version follow this link: https://highfieldsoffice.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/our-role-in-the-making-of-a-new-political-party-international-justice-peace-party/ ).


      Posted by highfieldsoffice | July 23, 2013, 7:09 am

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