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Egypt & The Counter-Revolution II: How The West Fought Back Against The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ to restore Pro-Western Status Quo

The idiots of so-called ”Arab Spring” truly appear to have deluded themselves to believing that they are the masters of their fate, in other words, that they really hold the [mass] power of bringing about the desired changes within their local societies through mass protests and armed violence.This, as this article argues, is a dangerous self-delusional thinking and behaviour, as only through absolute violence to the end against local puppets of all levels and their masters [found inside the local territories] can reforms or revolutions be really achieved.

Of course for those who know better the truth is this: the real powers [manipulators] are the western powers behind the doors who manipulate and command the decisions on who should govern or not. In other words, if those favoured by the western masters are also those favoured by local populace [out on mass protests and so forth: the usual self-delusional idiocy] then ‘the fates meets’ and the populace are given the illusion of having the power to have brought change by their own action, when the fact of the matter is that it was the small powerful busy groups who manipulated people and systems in making sure that these stayed in favoured to pro-western interests as new actors/parties come to power holding interests similarly identifiable to western interests/the old status quo. This is what happened in Libya [The Western Corporations, supported by their tools of power, western security and political elites, decided the fate of Libya) as [they did in] Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Yemen, Bahrain and even on the well managed Qatari Transition; the last is well presented in the film ‘Syriana’.

Thus within above noted ”revolutions”, the favoured new administrations can be recognized by their background and residency, education, business relations and other relations, to have been well-groomed as perfect western-clients, well-trained by CIA, MI6 and other shadowy groups. In short, nothing really happened that jeopardized western interests in these states as long as these ”new puppets” were presented to the delusional masses that these were also their own preferred choices for change!

However across Egypt, Tunisia and at the present Syria, the so-called Islamists [the Muslim Brotherhood], who have managed to stabilized their popularity roots within societies for generations, and when the calls for changes came, everyone seemed tacitly to have turned to them in favour of their ascendancy to power and not the easily identifiable pro-western ”liberals and democrats” puppets etc. So, in the over-hyped democratic-lies (of popular elections), these parties were chosen by majority as new governments, for the west this was absolutely unacceptable and thus ever since they [the west] have decided to either [a] buy these parties, as they did the old deposed client-rulers, [b] or threaten them with lose of power as they have since done with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as the party, whatever so-called ”independent western media” presented it, is naturally stubbornly anti-western/American, it was natural that in the end the western powers would orchestrate the so-called ”popular revolt” (or ‘positively’ portrayed by western ”independent medias” as ”Egyptians Revolution II”,) that presented as changes brought about by actual Egyptians and not the consortium of western states and regional allies who have never trusted the Brotherhood [and feared the rise of it’s sub-branches across the region]. So last night they ousted the democratically-elected president and party, Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood for a pro-western Egyptian Military and ”independent Justice” [another pro-western stooge].

In short, the so-called ”Arab Spring” or ”Revolutions” is nothing but an initial unexpected shock that has ever since been well returned to full control and management into the hands of the old Arab masters, western powers, and the rest [mass populace] are just idiotic pawns deluding of their popular democratic powers. This does leave one important point, only through arms can one free oneself from the dominance of the other- and when these unavoidable path is taken then one must see it through mercilessly and ferociously to the last blood!

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