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Amazing Breaking News: £1000 Fine (No Jail Sentence or Even Being Fired) For A British Soldier Who Sexually Assaulted An Afghan Underage Boy!

This ($1,500 fine or demotion for UK soldiers over racial and sexual abuse of Afghan civilians — RT News) is an amazing headline, for a similar ”water-downed” version within the British own ”Independent Media” go to the Guardian article (click here). Remember these sort of stories are never ever allowed to come out in public (the state-controlled western media truth), of course, unless ”one past under the net” as this was because it was filmed or some other mass evidence or witness factors, either of which can not be suppressed en masse or silenced with money (the favoured approach)!

Then you have this type of story (click here), an actor spends a day with a beard for a ‘Shakespeare acting role’ and ‘treated as a Muslim Terrorist’! The usual post ”9/11” Islamophobia-ism.

Other headlines click here or here (for lobbying and political corruption in UK) and click here (for war on whistle-blowers against torture).



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