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[UPDATED] Woolwich: How On 24th April 2013 Saeed’s Article Predicted The Event With Accuracy!

On the 24th April, almost a month before the Woolwich attack, I (Saeed) wrote an article following my Boston Bombing post which predicted (with accuracy as time showed) of similar event (esp. in size) to soon taking place in the UK; please click here to get to the article and it’s full details (on my professional blog).

Of course, there has been no shortage of reasons why it happened, as usual, the exact thing we have been warning against ”the why us” or ”the why they hate us” syndrome after events, and all explanations in the usual of national-biases of ”independent” western media and commentators there was the obvious refusal to state, or take account of, the obvious reason, that UK busy-bodying across the [Islamic] world in the traditional of her imperialistic character is the main reason why people are out to get her (while events here goes on, we have the two dangerous states in the world, the foreign ministries of, UK and France running around the world and across the EU trying to interfere with events in Syria, calling for new round of arming and lifting of EU Arms embargo (only 2 of them out of 27 members support such an act), which means further cycle of violence for Syrians): for a detailed explanation see the post below (click here) or my old masters research paper (click here: 80 pages).

Locally (at regional level) of course you have respective regional ”counter-terror” police fighting austerity measures and cuts by rounding up vulnerable or curious underage/minor Muslims as potential ”terror suspects”, seemingly to send a message ”counter-terror policing” is still relevant etc.

Interesting headlines (also attached to recommended prediction post above):

PressTV – Woolwich case alibi to suppress Muslims
Grimsby mosque targeted with petrol bombs
Theresa May lines up new measures to combat terrorism | Politics | guardian.co.uk
UK Home Secretary proposes wider snooping powers in light of Woolwich attack
Theresa May cracks down on universities after claims that alleged Woolwich killers were radicalised at Greenwich University’s Islamic Society
Courts may be privatised to save £1bn
Spy on your neighbours, says former MI5 head Stella Rimington
‘The enemy is everywhere’: Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbours following murder of soldier Lee Rigby
Boris Johnson attacks Islamist ‘mumbo jumbo’ and says Britain must not allow killers to divide country through ‘war’ myth


The Essayification of Everything – NYTimes.com
Four out of 10 graduates will never be able to afford to pay back their student loans

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