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Spinning Out Of Trouble (British-Style): The Pork Meat Drama, Now The Argument Is…..

Today on Leicester Mercury one can find the new updates on the recent big local story in Leicester, a story with special relevance to local Muslim Communities, as it reported the findings of pork meat in schools, with large Muslims, contained in lamb burgers.

Anyway, the new update apparently goes like this;

Dear Muslim Idiots,

The original claims reported recently of pork found in local school might have been wrong, and the ”pork trace”, apparently, might have originated from (a) on route spillage on transported supplies, (b) or ”knife used”, and so forth….

Remember it was never never really pork meat,

Thank you idiots,

The article is not saying the above outlined statement in exact words but it just could have as well.

As such, reading the ”saving our skins” new article from the trouble the drama has caused and is building up among local Muslims is so satirical is like reading the old popular war-propaganda; you know like Japanese are not humans but apes (American world war two claims) and so forth.

Remember: For any form of propaganda to be sell-able (that easily bought-able by the respective targeted sectors, in this reference us the ‘idiotic’ Muslims) it must contain a reference/concept that will give it authority and legitimacy of truth (this is practised in selling all forms of propaganda, from White, Grey and even Black types; you do not need to know what these categorical references means, if you do, it briefly means the nature of authority and legitimacy each can marshal, for example white propaganda is easily bought-able, as well as grey, by presenting it via the ”mouth of the expert”, it is black propaganda which needs more efforts). Anyway, the new claims use the authority of ”being thought about claimed lawsuit” by Paragon Foods to legitimize the ”new revised findings”! Got the Idea.

In short the article (click here) is your standard British-style spinning out of our trouble PR (public relations; propaganda renamed), after recognizing the serious potential of the drama which is still talked about within the community. We, at JG, are informed by our sources that there was a meeting between local authorities big-wigs and Muslim community ”elders” (elders is bracketed because these, the ”elders”, are the weak idiots who say yes to their masters for little kick-backs like lab monkeys or rats or dogs who are conditioned through rewards like food when they follow their masters commands), the meeting was held at Madani Community College.

Anyway have a read and enjoy a chuckle or two, and remember the truth is the first report: there was really pork!

Finally, Advice To Muslims:

Because of what happened in London (Woolwich: the attack on a member of British Armed Forces by allegedly two Nigerian Muslim-Converts, and the reciprocal attacks on Mosques by the EDL, the English Defence League) we would like to advice all Muslims to be very vigilante and careful on their day-to-day activities esp. those carried out away from familiar comfort surroundings (that away from Muslim-dominated areas). For self-defence advice see our old post here, relevant esp. for Muslim Sisters.


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