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Who Is The Culprit and Victim: On The Myths & Realities of Modern Western/British ”Enemies” (The Muslim ”Terrorists”) [ADDED Sat 18th May 2013: YOUR WEEKEND READINGS]


The general law, or logic, is that if one is to understand, and thus be in a position to effectively separate the realities from the myths based on all forms of alleged threats from certain parties or individuals, the law/logic dictates one must first understand the actors or groups motives, which always leads to the inevitable realization of these actors end-goals, and which can always be clearly observed through the alleged culprit’s modus operandi. In our present discussion, the alleged culprit, the Muslims [fighters], motive is out to destroy the great western ways of life (democracy illusions etc), a goal apparently (very weak logic) is dictated by Muslim’s natural animosity to western non-Islamic civilizations and jealousy of western ways of life, and it is why these Muslims today are the primary ”source of threat”, allegedly, to western states ways of life and societies.

So are above premises sound? Does these stand a test of scrutiny? Lets see.


To reach the realities of such alleged arguments of the Great Muslim Threat one must separate and appreciate the realities of the concepts of victims and culprits, or initiator and reactor via critical analysis based approach. In getting there one must ask this simple question, who is the real victim and/or who is the real culprit? and Why such a status (and then one will be in a position to be able to observe and detract the mythical presentation from actual reality)?


The logic of business and statecraft always boils down to this simple statement: what is in it for me/us? What do I/We want from our actions against the opposing actors? Understanding the ”value”, or goal, sort-out by either parties is the ability to clean aside the myths and be able to reach the actual reality.

So why are the Muslims defined as modern ”enemies” of the west (with primary reference to three belligerent states of UK, US and France). This primary question is important supported by similarly further few secondary, though very critical, sub-questions, in supporting our task of separating myths from realities. These further secondary sub-questions are;

[1] What do these ”enemies” want from the west (very important)?

[2] Why are they attacking certain states and not others (similarly important)?

[3] And finally who is the real victim or culprit?


In answering above questions, one will always find the most popularly presented version inside the western states as being the mythical school of thought, fed constantly via the ”independent media” mouthpieces and which goes like this, that apparently today’s western ”enemies”, the Muslims (or Islamic fighters, or ”terrorists”, since they are labelled as ”enemies”), are jealous of the western ways of life (i.e. the delusion of democracy, freedom crap etc) and have always been out to destroy western civilizations (everyone is, apparently out to destroy the western civilization, from old Communists, to Anti-Colonial Freedom Fighters ”old terrorists”, to ”Rogue States”, to China of Tomorrow etc!); to defeat this argument one will point out why these actors want to remove the future envisioned Islamic Caliphate as completely anti-western in character?!


So why is everyone, or in reference to today’s actor, the Muslims, are apparently out to destroy the western civilization?

What does the west have that the Muslim, or every other past and probable future, ”enemies” might really want from the west?

The answer is NOTHING.

The west, including Britain, have nothing that Islamic people or fighters, or past ”enemies” or future ones, want either in physical possession or metaphysical ones, for example the claims of the jealousy towards the western democratic ideals and civilizations.

However, the Islamic fighters, like any rational actors or groups (and all past and future actors), do not act out of void, meaning they do have something they want from the west, something mainly from few specially-targeted western states of UK, US and France (hence most of so-called ”terror acts” are targeting mainly these states); they want, as stated above, as any other non-western groups or people have wanted since the heydays of western imperialism and colonialism, they all share the great goal of wanting these specific highly belligerent actors to leave them and their affairs alone; not to be interfered upon with their internal affairs; not having their natural resources being exploited cheaply, here, on the issue of resource exploitation, the west also use this claim that it is in national interest to ”insure” free liberal practices, and access to these, through providing security in exchange for cheaper resources; the logic which is in itself, when seriously examined, is void, because it has always been the initial belligerent action of these western states that creates a negative byproduct of the ”need for security”; also such a claim is purely rubbish since even when nations are at wars or are hated by others, they are always provided with free acesss to these resources as the other parties are always prepared to conduct peaceful business transactions by following that simple logic of the market that if demands exists and one has a supply then one should be prepared to fulfil the market demands from every customers, or be prepared to answer the following question, how else is one going to make money; a practice supported throughout history even in the height of cold war as communist countries (from USSR, China, Cuba, Angola etc) still happily did business with western capitalist states to more recent Iran and so forth– in short the claim does not stand it’s weight and it only serve the greedy interest of certain western parties who seek to get these resources at almost ”free” levels of payment rather than having to peaceful do business that will require these parties and their corporations to pay same share of rates as any other states or actors.

Above is the failure of the mythical school of thoughts argument, as when critically examined one finds it is always the western states, in specific US, UK and France, who have always been the instigators/initiator of violence and criminal behaviours against others, thus forcing certain parties within these wronged people and states to stand strong and firm to their convictions, honour and duty in the face of western belligerency and greed; an act which is always then labelled ”appropriately as ”terrorism””!


In short, if these particular western states, US-UK-France, stop their naturally-inclined xenophobic and greedy colonial practices then no actors or group will show any interest in their ”special ways of life” or whatever claims they might present, because the actual truth/reality is that these states have nothing of valuable worth that the rest of the world, or Muslims today, really wants.

What does Britain really possess that is of any value to anyone?

Does few hundreds armed fighters really possess the abilities to threaten the existential value of western states (of over 30 states, or just mere few Big Three of US-UK-France)?

And what if these state chose like their predecessors before them, like the Dutch, the Portuguese, Spaniards or Italians to stop interfering in other affairs, that to stop their old imperial-colonial practices, do you really think the world will even care or even remember these states, as their predecessors have shown it is easy to be forgotten and never be cared of; meaning to be left alone in other words?

In sum, the culprits are the western states who are constantly involving themselves in others affairs and the victims have always been the ”others” who are forced to react to the initial act from these highly belligerent actors.

The west have nothing in possession that the rest of the world wants from them (out of jealously or commercial interests), however the rest of the world have everything that the west, esp. the big Three, US-UK-France, that will forever like to have their greedy fingers on. So always appreciate reality away from the myth, of who is the culprit and who is the honourable victim!


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