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On ‘Segregated’ Debate: Now They Equate Traditional And The [Universally] Legally Recognized Islamic Religious Practices As ”Strong Probable Causes of ”Radicalization” (and ”Terrorism”)!

Are You Living In Leicester?

Before moving on lets direct those living in Leicester and with young Muslim schoolchildren or relatives to check, if they missed it, the big local story reprinted here (with the full list of affected schools) about the feeding of pork to young Muslim schoolchildren across Leicester Schools (see the second post below or click here to go directly).

On New ”Segregated” Debate:

Now on the controversial ”segregated” debate, that apparent concerns among self-proclaimed liberals and feminists, and today the state’s experts on ”radicalization and terror” on how the Muslims brothers and sisters do not share a space ”equally” and how apparently this form of ”segregation” or religious practice apparently equates, even though it is universally recognized within constitutional and general human rights and religious civil legal framework as a traditional Islamic practices (see the old posts, find the links below), as providing ”probable root cause” towards ”radicalization and thus ”terrorism”.

Our New Rebuttal:

Hey Idiots, keep beating around the Bushes by trying to avoid the truth of what really sends Young Muslim to perform their fighting duties abroad as well as yourselves using/exploiting these tactics to de-Islamitize the young generations away from their Islamic Ways of Life, the truth is it is your foreign policies that is what causing Muslims to seek to undertake their duties (what you might negatively, for political interests, label as ”radicalization”, or ”terrorism” based on ”us” vs. ”them” old logic).

We, Muslims, are pretty much well-”radicalized” against any forms of injustices towards our fellow Muslims across the world and thus we do not need to justify or find this ”radical ideals” within our religious practices: so please, again, do not go picking purely religious practices as an attack in order to de-Islamitize us, the Western Muslims, face the fact, but of course you wont, since things as they are, are well-serving your intentions to demonize the others in order to justify spending, budgets, your existential values (after all what is the meaning of you and your budget calls if you have no ”enemies”, real or imagined) etc.

Anyway, here is what the idiots from The Times writes;

Extremist Islamists preaching to UK students

Radical and intolerant Islamist leaders preached to crowds of students at almost 200 official events in the past year, according to a study of external speakers at universities including Cambridge, Birmingham and University College London. Segregated seating for male and female students is understood to have been implemented for at least a quarter of those public meetings held by the Islamic societies at 21 universities. Two institutions have announced investigations into segregated meetings. But research by Student Rights, which was set up to tackle extremism on campus, indicates that the practice is prevalent across Britain, despite university equality rules forbidding it. A new generation of extremist speakers inspired by radical clerics such as Abu Qatada, Anwar al-Awlaki and Abu Hamza al-Masri are touring campuses to spread their interpretation of Islam. Some speakers have a history of misogyny, promoting violence against homosexuals and advocating jihad against non-Muslims. “Clearly, there’s a failing in our higher-education system,” said Anthony Glees, an intelligence and security expert consulted by the All-Party Parliamentary Homeland Security Group. “We can, and should, stop radicalisation on campus by extremists who believe in segregation, otherwise more students and graduates will eventually embrace terror. Terrorists are not born, they are made.” The study of events promoted to students by union-affiliated…...”
And the same old culprit, The Daily Telegraph, has similar story as well as BBC and others. Here is the Daily Telegraph link.
Our own old links (three posts) on the debate with a press release can be found here (these are essential readings).



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