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Great Articles For Your Weekend Intellectual Readings: Revealed- The Other Face of The British Politics & Society

[1] On The Muslim Question, the usual bigotry and dangers of engaging on the debate, esp. by self-described Non-Muslim Commentators of Islam.

Source: The Guardian

On the Muslim Question by Anne Norton – review | Books | The Guardian


[2] The Traditions of British Victorian Racial Attitudes (click on the link to our old post), the story relates to how the Conservatives Etonians-dominated government ”fired” the only working-class black adviser.

Reported On The Three Major UK newspaper:

The Telegraph (Conservative Paper):

David Cameron’s Eton clique ‘freezes out’ his only black adviser

The Guardian: PM’s working-class aide ‘pushed out’

The Daily Mail: Cameron clique of Old Etonians ‘pushed out black working class adviser from inner circle’


[3] On British Police Corruption, Racism and General Undemocratic Practices.

The Times: ‘Underworld conspiracy reached heart of Met police’

The Daily Mail:

(a) £85,000 crime tsar used sham office to hike expenses 6,000% (and he’s the first Police Commissioner to hire a chauffeur as well)

(b) Britain’s top police chief backs law to keep courts secret – even when journalists know the suspects

(c) Compensation culture cops: Now a police officer gets £13,600 for hurting his big toe at a health and safety training session


(a) Cashing in on surveillance skills: from the police to private security

(b) HMIC review of police “domestic extremism” intelligence-gathering units


[4] On Co-Existence of Two Distinct British Societies (and respectively two-justice systems)

The Daily Mail:

(a) From porridge to snout in the trough: Chris Huhne cashing in on green energy industry he funded as a minister when he is released from prison

(b) These loving parents were branded abusers – yet the courts won’t let them clear their names: SUE REID on a chilling case that raises profound new questions about justice and Britain’s culture of secrecy

NetPol: Your rights and section 50 Police Reform Act


[5] On The Tentacles of Espionage and British Politics/Society Close Relations;


(a) Spies and Fleet Street: BBC Radio 4’s ‘The MI6 and the Media’ reviewed

(b) The Threat Response spy files


[6] Other Articles of Interest;

Nice but dim: Voters’ damning verdict of Ed Miliband who they do not think will take the unpopular decisions that Britain needs
How Clegg held Britain to ransom: Nick Clegg’s cynical double-dealing and why he is stabbing his Coalition colleagues in the back, again! By QUENTIN LETTS
Afghan marathon: US troops passing the baton to mercenaries ahead of 2014 withdrawal
Former Nixon aide claims he has evidence Lyndon B. Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination in new book
The US government might be the biggest hacker in the world


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