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Pork-Meat Supplied As Halal Meal To Leicester Muslim School Kids: Here is The Full List of The Affected Schools

The Story:

Recently an Investigation by Leicester City Council found a supplier, Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods, has been supplying pork-meats as Halal to local Leicester Muslims via school meals. Anyway we will not be printing or directing you to the original story sources, only a brief outline (of a list from) Leicester Mercury and not The Guardian, because plugged in these articles (or being sold) is the ”championing of the local Muslims” by the shameful collaborator-group, namely the Federation of Muslim Organization, as ”Champion of local Muslims”; for those who have been following these pages for a while clearly know, supported with evidence, that the group is nothing but made up of treacherous ”Muslim” elements being used against their own Muslim Communities in the services of local authorities and security services (such as MI5, local Police etc, for full details just ‘search here on the blog’: FMO, or write down the full name”, for relevant old posts).

Here is the list:

City schools where halal lamb burgers have been removed from menus

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Halal lamb burgers have been removed from 19 city schools after tests revealed pork content in a sample burger.

Halal products are used in 24 city schools, but only 19 of these are affected because the lamb burger was served there.

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These are the schools:

Coleman Primary, Crown Hills.

Crown Hills Community College, Crown Hills.

Hazel Primary, in the Filbert Street area

Humberstone Infants school,in Humberstone

Humberstone Junior school, in Humberstone

Linden Primary, in Evington

Medway Primary, in Highfields

Northfield House Primary, in Northfields

Oaklands Special School, in Evington

Shenton Primary, in Spinney Hills

Slater Primary, near Frog Island

Sparkenhoe Primary, in Highfields

Spinney Hill Primary, in Spinney Hills

St Barnabus CofE Primary, in Evington

St Paul’s School, in Evington

Taylor Road Primary, in St Matthews

Uplands Infant School,in Highfields

Uplans Junior school, in Highfields

Whitehall Primary, in Evington


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