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For those who care in stopping the most dangerous and absolutely undemocratic practice ever to be instituted by the British Government (Home Office), of course since the Anti-Terror Laws, namely the recent unconstitutional practice of Stripping of the British Nationals of their Citizenship and leaving them open and vulnerable to all forms of physical and psychological abuses (e.g. torture and rendition), then please follow the link below to our petition, just started, to make the UK Home Office stop such an illegal and unconstitutional practice.

Our Link at Change.Org: Petition | UK Home Office: STOP STRIPPING CITIZENSHIP FROM THE BRITISH NATIONALS | Change.org

For other news of Possible Interest:

[1] The Growing War on Guantanamo:

UN calls force-feeding at Guantanamo ‘torture’

The Ethics of Force-Feeding Inmates – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

Guantanamo attorney dead in apparent suicide

Drones ‘alternative to Guantánamo’

[2] UK Islamophobia Got More Violent with First-Death in Birmingham:

Race link in Birmingham murder

[3] Leicestershire Police ”Reward” Neighbourhood, ”Spies”, Watch Groups (Oscars-Styles, with red-carpet etc):

Leicestershire and Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Groups Shortlisted | This is Leicestershire

[4] Foreign Policy (US Magazine) Discusses ”What Muslims Mean By Sharia?”:

What Muslims talk about when they talk about sharia | War of Ideas

[5] On UK Police Misbehaviour News (and if you missed the viral little, 7 mins, video by a recent victim of UK Police ”over-abused anti-terror powers” check out the next post below:

Police officer who assaulted interviewee escapes being fired

[6] On General Privacy Protection Concerns:

FBI Seeks Real-Time Facebook, Google Wiretaps

[7] On This Week Interesting Studies;

Scientists find key to ageing process in hypothalamus | Science | The Guardian
Skull shows America’s cannibal past
Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism: study
Go on a long bike ride, explore caves and swim in the sea: The 50 adventures every child should have by the age of 11¾
Mapped: The U.S. military’s presence in Africa | Killer Apps


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