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The Almost Complete Efforts Towards Western Totalitarianism: How The West Is Too Close to a V For Vendetta Scenario!

In the classic, and highly recommended film, V for Vendetta, the viewers at one point are introduced to how the hated and despised totalitarian government/leadership came to power in the first place, by feeding, what within the social and political science discourses is referred to as, ”risk-aversive society” with never-ending diet of fear and paranoia; repeatedly arguing that ”our enemies are out to get us and terrorize us”, and ”if we do not institute a strong government, or rather a strong leadership nationalist party (like the Conservatives in UK, or the Republicans in US, or Sarkozy’s party in France, Union for Popular Movement) then everyone is essentially in danger”– the basics of the politics of fear.

The film shows how in time, that just after electing these nationalists parties into power, these movements began a pre-designed agenda by instituting what they claim to be necessary ”evil” laws in order to insure peace, security and order; and today, throughout western states, these movements have started (for a while) moving us all toward this dark scenario of the dawning of a new totalitarian western states (esp. in UK, US and across EU in time).

In the UK, of course we had anti-terror laws, and more recent the calls for Snoopers Charter (to be able to snoop around as well as keep records (or demand records from firms of) every persons calls, web activities etc, and even though this week saw some self-congratulatory efforts by some parties like the Liberal Democrats (see this article) and Big Brother Watch (and this article) towards the recent announcement by Deputy PM Nick Clegg that he wont support it; which really meant that he wont support it as it is in it’s present framework rather than in complete, meaning not ”completely dead”, similar to events in US of ”almost dead CISPA”, after the senate defeated the bill (second time around, after being passed ”secretly and away from public scrutiny”).

But perhaps the most disturbing of all, especially for Muslims, is this week announcement which saw the Home Secretary given a full Royal Prerogative (unchallenged power by the democratically elected, rather than by that of unelected body/person, House of Parliament) to institute officially the act of stripping British Nationals of their Citizenship, leaving them with zero-legal protection (as we have already covered within this platform before).

In short, everyday, we in the west are not only observing, and thus choosing to remaining quiet, acts that totally borders to those of totalitarian practices, and which soon will undoubtedly see us all waking up like zombies, in complete compliance to our new totalitarian leaders in directing our daily lives under the guise of common good, as usual!

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