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Post-Boston Debate On US & Muslims: On Muslim Women Rights and Collective Muslim Surveillance (Source: New York Times)

In the wake of Boston Marathon Bombings, the United States is collectively gripped with the new ”self-enlightenment” quest towards the goal of moving to new understanding and approaches in dealing with, what appears to be portrayed across the board as, ”The Muslim Problem/Issue”.

The New York Times today has few good, and highly recommended, readings on, first, the debate on the increasing calls for collective surveillance of American Muslims, an article written by Boston Mosque Imam in response to an article by US House Representative (equivalent to UK MP, Member of Parliament), Rep. King (R: Republican), who called for increasing surveillance on American Muslim Communities; what one needs to take out of this statement is the fact that he never said to START surveillance on Muslim Communities but rather to INCREASE the ALREADY (seemingly implied, and well known by just google-ing ”Rutger University and NYPD, New York Police Department, Surveillance on Muslims”) well existing system!

Secondly, from the same paper, we have an excellent debate on Muslim Women and Muslim Veil, and their implied anti-feminism effect, which the debate attacks (very highly recommended article as well, esp. for sisters).

Enjoy and Be Enlightened.




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