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Two Excellent Articles (+): On Islamophobia & Ameer Shakeer (And A Discussion On ”Terror”)

On Islamophobia, the article comes from The Roots (a US Black-Americans specific magazine): THE ROOT | It’s time to redefine Islam and race

The second one, on Ameer Shaker, comes from The Guardian (one of the only two contributors worth reading in complete from such a paper as we have continuously stated it is just another propaganda mouthpiece; anyway the two excellent contributors are Seumas Milne and another being Glenn Greenwald, who was, so to speak, driven out of US, by US government ”vendetta targeting” as a result of his profound strong human rights beliefs as a well-established and practising HR Lawyer, who used to write for Salon): Shaker Aamer and the dirty secrets of the war on terror

Other interesting pieces are;

No charges for NYPD cops filmed punching, pepper-spraying Occupy protesters
Brooks: Confidence
Russia’s New Pivot: US foreign economic strategy to create new global order | StratRisks
Finally, Saeed’s personal prediction, is that there might be an attack in UK, either orchestrated by the security services themselves or ”letting one pass through the net!”.
Why such a prediction?
Because there has been a growing outcry, no, growing ”open rebellion”, from these idiots/parties and their war-mongering supporters in government and other places against the austerity measures (for example read this Telegraph article on such outcry/rebellion). We have seen their colleagues tactics (the police) recently (see the few post on this blog), which saw the ”arrests” of alleged ”t-words” who literary were under-age curiosity-cats, and nothing more, or …….
Anyway that is Saeed’s prediction, and for his take on Boston Marathon Bombing, see this post on his professional blog.


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