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@Campaign: Our Campaign to Stop the Politicization of Religious Practice & What you can do?

Dear Readers (Brothers and Sisters),

On this post you will find the useful advice and direction in what you and us need to do to Stop The Politicization of Religious Practices. Our proposed Campaign Strategy is based on a simple- emailing (operation @campaign) approach to the following addresses (the responsible newspapers and a local paper, Leicester Mercury);

the relevant addresses (forward to all, please):

jason.deans@guardian.co.uk; john.plunkett@guardian.co.uk; jemima.kiss@guardian.co.uk; josh.halliday@guardian.co.uk; letters@guardian.co.uk; reader@guardian.co.uk; cif.editors@guardian.co.uk; comment.editors@guardian.co.uk; dtnews@telegraph.co.uk; dtletters@telegraph.co.uk; newsdesk@leicestermercury.co.uk; matt.seaton@guardian.co.uk

The aim of @campaign is to get in touch (just by sending an email is enough) with these responsible parties by showing your support in stopping the politicization of religious practices.

Question: Why is important to mobilize (of course purely within the parameters of virtual arena at the present and not streets) on such a ”trivial act”?

The Answer: The importance to act and challenge such a practice is because this is how it always start, and the end of which is ‘the ‘de-Islamitization” of Muslims; that the desensitization of Muslims away from their universally rightfully recognized traditional religious and cultural practices and identities.

Expanding on the answer: You see this is how things are done in the west, where the rule of law is supreme and thus it put up barriers to tyrannical acts and direct proclamations or any other unlawful dictates which might say directly infringe upon certain parties or individuals civil and human rights; in other words, they stop people and governments from coming directly to you and tell you ”stop praying”, ”stop acting like a Muslim”, ”stop observing your religious practices, because we believe these clashes with our broader national/societal ideals or ”ways of lives””. In short, it start with a simple ”righteous campaigns” like this one under the umbrella of ”stop segregation”, that under the cover of fighting for ”women or general human rights” and so forth; in the international affairs they use similar ruse under the cover of ”humanitarian missions/operations”, or the most contemporary popular R2P: the ”responsibility to protect”!, which always end up with these nations sending armies as ”peacekeepers” and ”rebuilding and fostering new democratic societies”— see the logic, the same one suffered during the precolonial era where the natives invited the good western for mutual trading interests suddenly these native states and people found themselves occupied, and of course under the claims of ”to civilize and liberate them”!

This is why no infringing act is small, leave one to pass and soon it will multiply like a virus, and finally it will disintegrate you and your beliefs.

Our Recommended Approach to What and how to Write these protesting-emails:

  • First of course we need consistency, which means making sure all the subjects of our email are addressed as ”Re: Stop Politicizing Religious Practices”.
  • Secondly, all one needs to write is just this single line, ”Not In My Name— Stop Politicizing Religious Practices”.
  • Thirdly, if you are a member of University Islamic Societies, you end the email by writing respectively ”Sincerely, followed by your single name and your university name (for example Leicester University Islamic Society”.
  • Finally, if you are a sister, that is a Muslim female, make sure they know this, so they appreciate the exact truth that they are not speaking for your name or ”claimed violated rights”.

This is all we, especially Muslims, have to do at the present, just undertaking a peaceful emailing campaigning (@campaign) is enough to pass a message that we are not tolerating these illegal violation and infringements on our universally recognized religious rights and practices. Finally, You can spread the word via your friends network on facebook or twitter or other social networking sites.

Lets stand together before they slowly de-Islamitize us all and thus threaten our religious rights.

P.S. this little important statement we forgot to include down on our Press Release yesterday (see the post below for the press release). It is not us, the Muslims, who need to justify our rightfully recognized universal religious rights and practices, but it is the self-appointed champions (media and specific personalities) who need to justify their constitutionally illegal infringing practices in attempting to politicizing purely religious-cultural practices as political discourse.



Senior Officer at Jerusalem Group.


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