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On Soft Issue: Al Bundy’s Comedic Take On Men-Women Relationship Dynamics

Men tend to think, due primarily of their inherent idiotic macho-ism, that we are ”superior” to ”little feeble” women, the truth of course, (known intimately especially to those married folks) is that women are the real dominate and superior grouping between the two of us.

That said, today we won’t examine the intrinsic dynamics of men-women relations in depth but rather we will leave you with an excellent quote from the on-screen character of the 1990s popular sitcom, Married With Children, Mr. Al Bundy’s (played by Ed O’Neill) take on men-women relationship dynamics– to the actual realistic point!

The truth is, though most comedians have had before examined this issue founded central within men-women relations, for example Jerry Seinfeld on his similarly popular 1990s sitcom, Seinfeld, when he stated if women did not exist and that only men roamed the earth then probably civilizations as we know it today would have not have happened; according to Seinfeld there would have been no bridges, no roads, houses, armies, space explorations etc, since we had no opposite genders to impress! Well this, the need to impress and ”get laid in effect”, is the the reality that lies at the core in defining men-women relationship dynamics; in other words, men do ”stupid” (and at times accidentally innovative and create actual breakthroughs) just to impress the opposite sex, women, and most of the time ”with no success”!

Anyway read the direct quote made by AL Bundy, learn something while getting a kick out of it (and you will be laughing)!

Al Bundy’s Direct Quote On Men-Women Relationship Dynamics:

In the episode quoted Al Bundy old high school crush gets in touch with him to help her in dealing with some local hooligans (violent youth street gang). Al, being Married with children, still hopes get a chance ”to hit it”, especially once he has done such a task and thus ”impressed” his little old flame. The scene to be replayed here comes after Al Bundy  has taken some beatings (twice) from the gangs he was trying to deal with. Al is seen, as a symbolic of men macho-ism and need to impress to ”get a chance to hit it”, trying to keep going back to fight this group, and on this third trip he confronts the gang leader (called Ray Ray), and he gives him his philosophy of men-women relationship dynamics; why he will never give up even in the face of death.

Al Bundy [starts the conversation after having informed him on why the two fighting men both are trying to impress their ”girls”]]; ”You see Ray Ray (in reference to the gang leader], We (men) are Morons, that what comes from being a man”.

[Explains why, and how it all started, that the need to impress the opposite sex]

Al Bundy: ”From the first little worm they [women] dare us to eat, to the last big shuffle full of snow they convince us we can move, We [men] are nothing more than to women but an Amusement Park Ride with Life Insurance”.

[Taking a deep painful breathing from his previous beatings and continues to speak]

Al Bundy: ”Why else we will do idiotic things we do?”

[Now directing a direct question to Ray Ray]

Al Bundy: ”Do you Ski, Ray Ray?”

Ray Ray [responding with an attitude]: ”No, I Don’t Ski!”

[Ray Ray Turns and look at his gang like saying as if].

[Al respond with a sarcastic smile pasted in his face].

Al Bundy: ”Well, you will one day when a girl wants you to, we all did! We hurdle down those mountains [in reference to skiing] so fast that the cracks of our body on the trees will not even resonate in their [women] ears before we pounce up and say, I am OK [We all have done that, come come be honest dear reader]. [Al adds] They [women] know we are not Okay”.

[Al Moves about to stress the point as a teacher in a classroom does]

Al Bundy: ”You see, Ray Ray, as long as their are women, they will be men around doing stupid things to impress them”.

[After this the gang leader accepts the philosophical plea, which of course started on the premise either Ray Ray kills Al while he tries hard to ”get laid” by impressing the girl, or Al kill him in front of his own girl, whom Ray Ray was also trying to impress, and Ray Ray walks away with his gang].

[We now see Al’s old high school crush coming around, and here is the second point of the message underlying women-men relations dynamics, we do it for nothing most of the time!]

[Al Approaches the girl, Looks at her and ask her, still in pain, with clothes torn etc]

Al Bundy to the Girl: ‘‘If I was not married, and I did what I did, would I have a chance to Nail You” (hahahahahah)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Girl [Responds without a grain of hesitation]: ”NO!”

Al [looks at her smile and says, before moving on]: ”Well then it was all worth it!!!” [hahahah]


Above is Just a brilliant depiction of the underlying realities found within the men-women relations.

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did.



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