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Wikileaks: New Round of Diplomatic & Intelligence Cables Leaks (and many other interesting readings)

Well this week the whistle-blowing websites, Wikileaks, published over 17k of fresh new old diplomatic and intelligence cables; the relevance of these new published material [circa 1970s] are not their age-related factor but rather their relevance in taking you, the reader/researcher, inside the mind and behaviour of western (esp US) states vis-a-vis their approach in relations to different actors, states and so forth.

Good Reading for those interested in international relations, intelligence, diplomacy etc.

These new leaks (find these here) follow the old published materials (find here). For a brief summary by the Wikileaks editorial team on these new published materials see either here or here (same analysis). For daily newspaper reporting on these fresh published materials, see here, here and here.


On other news, for example in the home front;


[1] there is a look at the ever deteriorating conduct of the British Police state see here (suspects ”not to be named”, a practice familiar to those living within a totalitarian police state; Daily Mail label it, correctly, as ”Britain Is Turning Into a Banana State”, in reference to totalitarian South American states of the 1970-80s).

[2] Still On Deteriorating Police State: Here (discussing how the UK Police are ”buying informants with confiscated drugs”). And of course the week top headline in relation to policing, the case of the 17 years old [on that political-role] Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, Miss. Paris (see here); she resigned today (Tues 9th April 2013).

[3] In terms of political elites corruption, greed and ”absence of real representation of the people”, there have been many stories, from the French, as Der Spiegel puts its ”Democracy Crisis for Fifth Republic”, to Labour’s strategist Cruddas third homes.

[4] How Intelligence Agencies go about intimidating others, like Wikipedia Team; the case of the French Secret Services and Wikipedia, see here, here and here.

[5] Fresh new NATO/ISAF ”collateral murders” of Afghan civilians, 11 children and 3 women; here.

[6] New research to enhance your intellectual capacity; here (do stars tell who become rich or not?), here (”Diva/Divos behaviourism explained”), here (new age of ”zero-tv”) and finally, sorry boys, size does matter (here).

[7] good article on BITCOIN (the new ever-rising currency): From The New Yorker.

Others might be of interest, here, here and here.



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