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On The Stripping Of The British Citizenship: How To Fight Back With A Winning Chance?

Recap: The Stripping of The British Citizenship

Recently on this forum we discussed the most dangerously undemocratic and unconstitutional practise implemented by our [British] government since the so-called Anti-Terror Acts of 2000, namely the unlawful stripping of the British citizenship (click here for the article).

Our New Proposal: Legal Action

Today, and briefly, we will discuss the effective means to the complete end of the practice; in other words, how to stop such a dangerously unconstitutional and undemocratic practice forever (and spreading into further afield, like France etc).

In any strategic environment, or competition, the law comes down to each individual attempting to identify the weaknesses (and strengths) of their opponents and turning these into their own strengths against such an opponent.

The Question: So the question we have been asking ourselves here at JG is what are the weaknesses of such a practice today (and thus our present opponent, the primary practitioner of such an act, the British Government and it’s security services), of course,beyond the unconstitutional, undemocratic and general unpopularity inherent with the practice.

The Answer: Easily identifiable from asking such a question are the two inter-related factors which the British government have effortlessly sought to avoid in the first place by introducing and implementing such a dangerously unconstitutional and undemocratic practice; the [1] vulnerability open to these parties (British Government and it’s Security Services) due to public accountability and [2] the inevitable effect of the forced financial reimbursement as a result (esp. the pain of such a forced act on these parties within the austerity period as today).

The Conclusion: So here we have two identified vulnerabilities/weaknesses from our [civil rights/liberties groups] position against our opponent [the British Government and it’s security services]; fear of accountability and it’s financial costs effect (the idea of stripping of the citizenship seemed to have found more support esp post-Mohammed Begg massive financial, political and moral winning settlement/victory).

So, What Next: So how do we turn our opponents vulnerabilities/weaknesses into our strengths and hence force a complete repel of such unconstitutional and undemocratic practice today and forever?

Our Answer:


This approach should be, as stated above, coordinated between many national civil and human rights/liberties groups from Cageprisoners to Liberty and so forth. Thus their should be a well coordinated legal approach with a single supported fund; all supported by each of the 27 individuals ”campaigning teams” already having suffered such a practice to more recent O’Dwyer Rendition Case which all should not be independently approached as a lawsuit against the government by such individuals, but these should be unified as a part of the coordinated and unified efforts and general approach to once and for all stop completely such a dangerously unconstitutional and undemocratic act.

The case should be challenged nationally (within UK Courts) and Internationally (within the European Human Rights Courts).


This is our proposed winning approach to once and for all repel such a dangerously unconstitutional and undemocratic practice as practised today by our [British] government, as well as stopping any more ”copy cats” like those under consideration by the French government or the Netherlands from implementing similar models.

Best Regards,



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