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Talk of The Day: The New British Social Research Study That Redefines British Social Class/Strata (BBC-ESCR)

Since it’s publication this week, the new British Social Research Study, a collaboration between BBC and ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) grant to at least 6 UK Universities which set out to survey over 100’000 participants in order to find out if the old social stratification in UK still hold true today; namely asking the question are we still classified into the old three broader social classes (the upper, middle and working classes)?

The Results, the study argues, finds today we can be classified into SEVEN social classifications based on our test for socio-cultural relations or ‘taste’ and economic positions or wealth.

The study findings are highly recommended reading, if not for the need (seemingly of the researchers to set new discourse and social class architecture) of reality, then just to keep up with the talk of the day (stay in the loop!).

Anyway here is where one can locate the summary of the study (BBC Webpage).

[A] For further readings on same subject/research, see these newspaper articles;

[1] From The Guardian: Seven social classes. Three political parties. It’s the mathematics of failure

[2] From The Daily Mail: Are you a precariat, new affluent worker or elite? Study reveals there are now SEVEN social classes in the new jargon-filled British class system

[3] From The Daily Telegraph: UK now has seven social classes, with traditional model ‘too simplistic’ – Telegraph

[B] For three further interesting research studies to enhance your intellect, see;

[1] An Article discussing a proliferation of new studies on Creativity From The Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

Tactics to Spark Creativity – WSJ.com

[2] For A New, and at times very young, field [on Physical Conditioning Studies based] on ‘per-exercise stretching’ negative effect from The New York Times (NYT):

Reasons Not to Stretch

[C] Further Intelligence-Enhancement Recommended Readings, see:

British forces ‘witnessed electric shocks, beatings and dog kennel torture of Iraqi prisoners in secret US prison in Baghdad’  (discussing The Dreaded T-Word, Torture)
Europe’s Counter-Jihad Extremists | World Affairs Journal (discussing the new report, already published here from ICSR on New Anti-Islam Movements in Europe).
White working class should take citizenship tests, says Labour MP
US journalists write to tell Cameron: Your regulation of the Press is anti-democracy
Police officer jailed after using her force computer to help a criminal suspect in Britain’s biggest cash robbery
Shame of bank that paid £170million a year in bonuses: Barclays staff ‘lost all sense of humility’ says report
From Afghanistan to Syria: Women’s rights and US propaganda
Documents show Homeland Security spies on peaceful demonstrators
The De-Westernisation of Globalisation / ISN  (A Very Long Research Paper from a well-respected Zurich-Based Centre For Security Studies, though Very Very Highly Recommended Reading).
The Drivers of Armed Conflict / ISN
she suggested
Mali intervention – re-division of Africa?
The Glocalisation of Al Qaedaism / ISN
What Happened to the Internet Productivity Miracle? : The New Yorker
Britain’s bedrooms are getting noisier because of WOMEN snoring – with drinking, smoking and obesity to blame
Red-faced Conservative MP accidentally tweets link to a PORN website… but blames Tory HQ for his web blunder
NRA-backed panel calls for armed school guards
Leaks reveal secrets of the super-rich who use offshore havens to hide trillions in cash
The Future of Surveillance Will Turn Society into a Massive Online Game
added sat 6t Apr 2013
Britain wants to opt out of ‘right to be forgotten’ online
Online-Data Bill Sets Up Privacy Fight
ATF seeks ‘massive’ online database to log personal information, connections
Graduate with physics PhD, 31, fell to his death from block of flats after taking job in call centre he was over-qualified for
Left off again: Police driver who did 108mph in 40 zone (ten years after he hit 159mph testing a patrol car on a motorway)
Policeman launches legal action against a shop owner after ‘falling in a drain during burglary call-out’ just days after a policewoman sues for tripping over a kerb
One in three victims of anti-social behaviour are let down by police
A New Era in Political Corruption – NYTimes.com
Telnaes: Workers struggle as corporations soar
NATO air strike kills civilians in wake of Taliban attack
NYPD officer charged with using badge, cruiser to help rob drug dealers
Brooks: The Practical University
Virtual currency worth $1.4 billion in cold, hard cash
European ‘shadow state’ faces growing resistance
Strange Bedfellows: China’s Middle Eastern Inroads / ISN
France proposes 1,000 permanent troops in Mali
‘Secrecy-Cloaked Companies’ Deutsche Bank Criticized for Offshore Operations
Brain-Training Games Don’t Actually Make You Smarter : The New Yorker


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