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Islam-e-stan: Our Detailed Vision of An Islamic Union [Document 24 pp]

Below is our key document envisioning a United Islamic People and Nations. In the document we refer to this proposed or envisioned union as ”Islam-e-stan”, but the desired name is The Union of Islamic Commonwealths, or Union of Islamic Ummah, or finally the Union of Islamic Republics (a task for later delegated conferences).


Usual Newspapers articles for your interests; today is mostly about the corrupt and broken political elites system and structures in Britain

MI6 ‘arranged Lumumba killing’ 
(this is our western ways of ”breaking bad news and confessing about our crimes” decades after the ”heat cool off”).
‘I could live on £53 a week’: Iain Duncan Smith defends welfare cuts claiming new system will let people ‘break free’ of benefits
Smith: benefits petition is a stunt
(the BS of political elites, raised on silver spoons)
Shame of ‘theft, fraud and under-age sex’ at the BBC: Dossier reveals crimes that have never been reported to police  (the title says it all!)
The ‘sex pest’ Lib Dem MP and the vulnerable mother whose cry for help Clegg ignored
D-Day for the welfare state: Government launches biggest benefits shake-up in history (but new age of austerity means families will ‘be £5,000 worse off’)
Labour’s banking watchdog abolished as Bank of England takes charge of regulating financial service industry
(very interesting, the US-style, Federal Bank Powers, of giving powers to ”regulate” the banking and financial industries to, drums please, ”the bankers” themselves, is like telling a thief or a criminal be your own police and judge!)
Rivers of oil in Arkansas town: Many ‘didn’t even know’ Exxon pipeline ran under their homes
NYPD boss said stop-and-frisk designed to ‘instill fear’ in minorities – Senator’s testimony (Policing Racism)
The Throwawaysby Sarah Stillman 
(the exploitation of under-age as police informants).


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