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Your Long [Easter Holidays] Week-End Readings: Spying On American-Muslims (New Report), UK Police In The News & Others

The racism that fuels the ‘war on terror’ | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
an excellent interview
a new report  (the recommended new report on US Gov illegal spying activities on American-Muslims)
shockingly invasive and indsicriminate surveillance program
supports the NYPD program
Glad to Be Unhappy: The French Case : The New Yorker (very good article, esp. the final ”Postscript” notes)
Police defend dawn raids on journalists as questions are raised over scope of Operation Elveden (name things totalitarian police do!)
Watchdog rejects police report
James Bond film used to ‘bribe’ lords into backing secret courts: Whips played Skyfall to entice peers to stay for crucial vote
‘Put plain clothes officers in uniform’
‘Food stamps’ to be issued in Britain next week to tens of thousands of vulnerable people as part of benefits shake-up
Phone app companies gather so much information about users they will soon be able to sell details based on your brainwaves, experts predict
Look! Up in the sky! 10,000 drones in US by 2020
Sarkozy Scandal An ‘Unflattering Picture’ of French Democracy
Science-fiction turns real: Genetically engineering animals for war
Easing Brain Fatigue With a Walk in the Park – NYTimes.com
Spy in Cell 15: The Real Story Behind Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’
The secret life of your pet revealed: Owner develops ‘cat nav’ device which tracks wandering felines’ progress by mapping it on Google
How much make-up do men REALLY like? | Mail Online
Internet slows down after DNS attack on Spamhaus | Technology | The Guardian
Panorama accused of bribery attempt


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