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[[ADDED ENDNOTES]] On Syria & The General Realities Of War [Fighting]

For sometime now we have had questions on why we have not yet discussed or explained Syria. Well here is our simple and to the point discussion and explanation on Syria, and naturally, the general realities of war[fighting]; in other word, what is like to be a fighting soldier in front-lines.

A. On Syria: the Proxies-Civil War

Syria War is what in the field of political and social sciences or professional world is referred to as the great Proxies-Civil War; or in simpler words, a war managed by external powers/actors with own interests. We used the term proxies to emphasis the complexities of many faces [and participating actors] and form of such a war, as such Syria War;

  • It is a Proxy-Civil War I because it is a part of the new global geopolitical [Cold] War between the global great troika powers (of US, Russia and China), all three trying to limit or expand influence in the region; for the US/West, the fall of Syria and the inevitable coming war on Iran will mean a complete dominance and colonization of the new Middle East under their rule, as well as a complete ”fenced-ring” or containment/encirclement of Russia and China in the region. For Russia and China, both aforementioned western/US goals above are unacceptable, hence the strong defiance against seeing the fall of Assad Regime.
  • It is a Proxy-Civil War II because of the so-called regional rising powers sectarian-led/invented competition between the Sunnis led by the Saudis-Qatari-Turks vs the Shites led by Iranian-Syria-Hezbollah. The Saudis, Qataris and Turks are playing a united front at the present but all three have complete separate and independent desires/goals to see their own rising power in mastering the regions (Persian and Arabian Gulfs).
  • Finally, it is a Proxy-Civil War III because of the old colonists of France and Britain though no longer serious players (as these have been reduced to global midgets in the new Great Games between Great Powers) have ever since Libya tried had to come back into global great games by becoming actively involved within their old colonies politics and general affairs (today side-by-side, because individually they can no longer afford it or able to undertake such tasks, hence whenever Britain goes France is not far behind and vice-versa, strengthen and codified by recent Anglo-French Defence Pact, and always both are the major advocates of interventions; lobbying to arm ”the local rebels”, secretly supporting them at the same time and so forth).

In short, to those who had thought that Syria is entirely a Syrian Internal Affairs, you were wrong, it is a complicated game of proxies behind the shadows (and at times openly in public) using and funding local gangs and criminals, and well-paid foreign mercenaries, to fight against the Assad Regime. So if you are one of those who keep shouting ”support Syria” and so forth, it might about time to stop it because you are just another pawn used to validate the need for regime change and not supporting Syrian people freedom and so forth.

B. The Realities of War [Fighting]

Anyone who chose to go to fight in a war has basically three legitimate reasons behind them; [a] self-defence [b] forced to (defend honour, revenge and so forth) and [c] that person is a natural sociopath.

No rational person chose to enlist in the armed forces and thus be ready to go to war.

War destroys not just communities and societies (infrastructures, cohesion, order/security and peace), but it destroys the mind, spirit and at times, for the unluckiest of the all, the bodies of those who chose to fight (the soldiers). Once war is over you can never go back to be what you were before. In war people witness a lot of horrible things, from grown men crying, to nightmarish bodies decapitations or severely wounded, to crimes on the innocent and so forth. You can never get these thoughts out of your head even with so-called PTSD-specific therapies approaches (PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). You can never be again what you were before, this is a fact, hence the clever people never chose violence, but rather non-violent approach to solving problems. Anyone can be turned into a fighting soldier, hence you hear of Child Soldiers and so forth.

C. On The Realities of Soldiering.

In the battlefield, once you have chosen, foolishly as such, to pursue a violent approach to solving problems, meaning going to fight a war or Jihad or whatever cute little names you want to give it, the realities you will face will not mirror the propaganda recruitment pitches used to get you there in the first place.

  • You will face a massive cultural shock, especially if you are from a different background, socially, economically and culturally/racially.
  • If you do not speak the local language the problems will be much greater due to lack of ability to communicate with others (sort of buddy-buddy support system of moral support and so forth).
  • It is lonely when at war. The home-sick factor is real and is unbearable and always present with you, and made worse by long periods of in-activities, meaning most of your time will be spent waiting and waiting, cleaning your weapons, trying to preoccupy your minds with every sort of menial work or activities (and for the little insider secret, masturbating your body energy and weight off!).
  • If educated and culturally sophisticated, then you will have a worse time, since most of your comrades will be mostly made up of people who can not even write their own names.
  • The waiting (oh the waiting) will in itself gravely tax your mental, physical and spiritual abilities and energies, leaving you seriously damaged as a result of disturbed cycles of sleep you will face, even when doing nothing you wont have the pleasure to go about sleeping since [a] you are always managed, when to sleep or eat and so forth, and [b] even when you are free to do whatever you want, most of the time you wont be able to sleep because of the idiots around you, you will have to wait for them to ”be ready to go to bed” collectively.
  • Hence another issue, you are not an individual anymore, you eat, sleep, speak and do everything as a collective entity, if one chose to not do something then everyone might not do it, and so forth, the lose of freedoms to chose, to all sorts of free will (now deterministic lifestyle rules you).
  • And before the actual fighting take places you will find that most of those people you are fighting with shoulder to shoulder are not reliable or trustworthy, and these are actually more dangerous to you than the enemies. In short, these people, some of them, are less trained, or unable to learn and adapt to the training, and thus will always be dangerous to their own side, by misfiring issues, which means firing a gun on one’s own side and so forth.
  • Then the constant worries of those dangers you cant control, from snipers and their devastating psychological and physical effects, to land-mines, booby-traps, tortures when falling into enemies hands, the missiles (artillery) rains, planes and so forth.

Above outlined generally is essentially within the reference on those known as professional armed forces, this is just to illustrate the point, ”mildly”, of how worse it would be for those opposite side, known as ”unprofessional” forces, such as the Guerrillas, Insurgents, or Jihadists or whatever, these are much worse than the professional; with all the mixed bags of characters, the ”underground” lifestyle of constant movement, never staying in one place for more than 48 hours (since you are a hunted criminal). Being cut off from civilization and people (normal lives, as well as families, friends and lovers etc). The threats to yourself, families and friends and so forth. The psychological specific-targeted propaganda and the likes.

In short, violence is not glamourous as you might think or be made to think, and a wise person never chose such a path [violence] unless he or she is left with no other choice (self-defence or forced to). Hence, here at JG/HMCO we have never ceased to try and get you away from violence and more towards non-violent approach to solving your issues and grievances.


Hence one can always observe or hear stories of ex-soldiers or veteran ever involved in violence post their time in the services;

  1. These groups, that ex-soldiers, make up largest grouping inside prisons.
  2. Crimes mostly tend to be violence-related: domestic violence or sexual violence, that beating their wives, girlfriends, family members, or outside violence on a night out or social outing, or armed robberies and so forth.
  3. These also tend to go back to armed services, by re-enlisting or by providing their ”killing know how” as private killers, or hired guns, or what we call mercenaries, or drift into the criminal underworld as professional criminals.
  4. In short, once one get into ”soldiering” and see action, one can never again leave without the ever-presence of violence; violence is from there onward an essential part of their existence.

Finally, great articles from the world of newspapers (what you will be reading is not about Russians or Chinese Police, But The British Police; from political intimidation of Respect Party, to Corruption, Racism and so forth).

first new alert Leicestershire Police to be fitted with ”secret cameras” on them to film the public without their knowledge (BBC Leicester Radio, This Morning). A move criticized by civil liberties groups.

Police seize MP George Galloway¿s computer in hacking probe | Mail Online
Police spend FOUR WEEKS tracking down mother, 45, after she made Facebook joke about egging PM
Number of police officers suspected of conspiring about Andrew Mitchell in ‘Plebgate’ row rises to 10
Police watchdog probe death of man, 34, who was found unconscious in cell after arrest
Other Headlines:
Community role for Thurnby Lodge Scout hut …
Boom in private investigators risks avoiding surveillance regulation
The Lost Logic of Deterrence | Foreign Affairs
Becoming the All-Terrain Human – NYTimes.com
From war babies to billionaires: Vietnam’s wealthiest women | World news | The Observer


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