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[[ADDED NOTES: Sat 23rd March 2013]] Who Are We Really: Revealing The Dominant Strategic Cultures of Global Races/Nations [A Socio-Psycho-Behavioural Analysis]

Introduction: The Discourse Approach

In this post we will attempt to outline in some amicable details the dominant psyche of global races/nations, within the confined frameworks of socio-psycho-behavioural methodological analyses. In other words, we will discuss that what differentiate between one people (of one nation-state or regions, or cultures) to the other, and what, if any, might be their shared traits.

Methodology: Our Extensive-Based Experiences & Studies

First one needs to appreciate the fact that these observations are based not only on our extensively-based experiences of the world, in terms of travels (and the natural interactions and relations with the many different peoples of the world) but also these observations are based on our specialist academia areas (within the studies of geopolitics & strategic studies).

Secondly, these observed facts are based on these races/people’s histories, or what in the world of academics and professions (political and social sciences, or foreign affairs and [military] intelligence) we refer to these races dominant behaviours and habits as strategic cultures, a by-product of their nations/race’s histories.

Concept Definition: Strategic Cultures

Strategic Cultures is a concept that defines particular groups (either as a nation-state or non-state actors or corporations, businesses, sporting clubs etc) dominant psychological and behavioural characteristics as a result of their generational (historical) influences as a result of their dominant practices, in terms of the influences of their religious values, political ideals, or general geographical social milieu and so forth.

In other words, strategic cultures defines how particular people behaves, or will [be expected to] behave, in accordance to their past [cultural-historical] traditions and customs, as shaped by their geographies, climate, beliefs and so forth; to make it more simpler, lets take an animal, a bigger animal will straddled around without fear, the smaller ones will adopt to the dangerous environment it found itself in, and as such from these logical deductions and experiences, we will all expect the smaller ones to use their ingenuities to adapt cleverly, for example chameleons and the ever changing colours based on surroundings, while you see the lions lying openly in open spaces without fear–and these behaviour will henceforth be expected to be the same– this is what we mean by strategic cultures, shaped by our past and environments.

For a more detail understanding the simpler, though still intellectually demanding for appreciation site on the subject see here, or just google ‘strategic cultures’ for further results.

Now that has been said lets start with one end of the earth to another, in order of the oldest civilizations to the newest, might be wise.

[1] Africa: Proud, Peaceful, Paternalistic

To many anthropologists and historians, or evolutionary biologists and the likes, humans, it is argued, can be first traced to have originated from Africa, as such we will start here, the claimed roots of Modern Human Birth.

Africans are by nature very peaceful and clever people, however, Africans are unfortunately shaped by what one might defines as Paternalistic Tribal Gender Politics, in other words, the paternalistic (dominance of male over women) aspects of African is clearly visible, hence many Africans, or those of African blood, tend to be very macho; that men-like and testosterone-ously aggressive, though not necessarily [and actually] aggressive, as the fact and truth is, Africans prefer the symbolic-representation, that sending signal of ”I am the man, B****”, or to put it in simpler words, showing-off, hence, you will never fail to see Africans, Blacks whatever you might wish to call them, ”Blinged Up”, that wearing ”loud” expensive clothes, and other accessories, playing the similar role of their co-inhabitants of the continent, the dominant animals, the Lions, and their manly-mare and so forth. The truth is when you challenge an African he will, majority of the time, back down, they are not naturally violent, just a show-off and ”gang/peer pressures” to conform to black people ”expected manly traits”.

However, Africa, a large continent with larger different tribes tend to be a mixed bag of paternalism and maternalism, side-by-side mostly, where women though expected to ”play their traditional womenly roles, are also revered to the point of ”saint-ified” as cultural treasures and wiser people; thus you can never offend an African woman, and for those who had a love relation or liaison with an African woman one will understand how dominant and proud these are. African women as their men are also very out there, but more violent and dominating than their men counterpart, one might reckon this is why when it is times of civil wars and violence, these sections of societies, that the women of Africa, tend to bear the greater grunt and pains of such a violence, for example through rapes, other violent sexual abuses, left out to care for the young and so forth, a sort of male inferiority complex payback; ”you have been treating us like shit, that dominating us, now it is time you pay B****”, see the logic and linked-logic. Women are also slowly moving with new times and becoming more vocal and dominating, as traditional across the African-dominated societies, from Africa to Latin Americas and North Americas (esp. the US).

In sum, what is important to take from this examination of an African socio-psyche behaviourism is the fact that they tend to be primarily peaceful, clever, business-like (with aim of surviving not pursuing wealth for the sake of greed, minorities do however as in any other societies) but they are also very violent especially between one-another (Africans-to-Africans) and by Males-to-Females (out of inferiority complex as stated above). In a sentence, Africa is a wonderful though still self-searching continent and peoples; with promises and also dangerous shortfalls; the great African schizophrenic issue.

Added Notes [1 On Africa]:

Africa is a divide continent as any other would be, and thus there is an obvious differences based on geographical locations of particular cultures, for example North Africa (the Maghreb and Including the Sahel to Horn of Africa) is a very hospitable region based on Islamic traditions of these regions.

Thus African regions can be divided further in terms of their prone-ability tendencies to violence and general dominant traits; for example;

  • Egyptians and Algerians tend to be highly explosive in character (just observe their behaviours while mere performing a fun task as playing football), these two are very violent and paternalistic, and very ”salafists’ (hardcore Muslims).
  • Tunisians and Moroccans tend to be among the world effeminate peoples; meaning their are ‘feminine’ in trait, as the men act more like women and the women are just an embarrassment for all, or any, Muslim[s].
  • Mauritanians, Malians, Chadians, Sudanese, Libyans, Senegalese and other west coast Islamic nations are hardworking people, peaceful though very good fighters. Very kind people also influenced by the Berber [Arab Nomads living around and across the Sahara deserts, and Arabian Peninsula] codes of social relations.
  • Coming down to the Horn of Africa, in particular Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea, these are proud people, also very fierce and very good people (in reference to the post below in discussing the good and bad people, the Somalis rate at the top of the world Good-est people, very fierce proud fighters and Muslims: we love the Somalis).
  • The East Coast of Africa is peaceful, with some of the most gracious and hospitable peoples of Islamic-Arabian backgrounds, of Swahilis of Kenya and Tanzania-Zanzibar (old Omanis protectorates). Very Good People all around. Beautiful Architectures, The Arts and Cultural Traditions. Just Lovely.
  • The West Coast/Gold Coast of Africa, good people, but very ”shifty”, in other words very well trained in the arts of con-manship, seductions and so forth. The region is to good to be missed by drug traffickers, hence it has become the second major geographical centres of criminal activities away from Latin America, also seeing the rise of ”African Mafias”, mostly made up of Nigerians (the shift-est of all!).
  • Southern Africa is lovely and civilized but still very dangerous with many criminal ”entrepreneurship”, in professional lingua, it is not an organized crime that dominate these areas (which means not that bad since organized crime means a sense of control and command, or management of violence and dangers to others), in these regions the prevailing culture is that of disorganized crimes, very dangerous anyone can kill anyone, can run any criminal activities etc.
  • However the most dangerous region, perhaps second to the Latin Americas (and Eastern European esp the Old Balkans of Bosnia, Kosova, Albania etc), it is the central regions of the continent; known, of course, as Central Africa. Stretching from the Central Republic of Africa to Kinshasa (Congo); these are the Balkans of Africa. Do Not even thinking of ”going back-packing” even in a group down there. The region is one of the world most blessed topographies with wonderful wildlife, natural rivers, heavy rainforests/tropical forests , mountains and so forth, and plenty of natural resources, but the most deadliest and violent in the world (how sad!).

[2] Europeans: Peaceful North, Violent South-Central

Europeans differ in terms of geographical locations and the emigration aspects.

[2a] Northerners: The Peaceful

For example the northern races, namely, the Scandinavians, are some of the most peaceful people in this world. These always prefer diplomacy to violence, well illustrated during Utoya Massacre which rather than seeing Norway ”fortifying’ herself against ”domestic extremism” as the Anglo-Saxons would have done [with over-reaction trait], they rather approached the issue at it’s core, that of the problem of the broken society (as a result of multiculturalism and so forth in and across Europe). Also the people of these regions are highly civic, meaning they are enthusiastic about political participation.

[2b] The Central: The Apathetic Racists

The Central nations are a mix bag; highly racial against outsiders but very law-abiding citizens due mainly to their dominant apathetic traits; the fuhrer complex issue is at the centre of these nations-people, in other words, the need to be directed and ruled by laws which tell them what to do or what not to do, hence these tend to be ”tolerant” of others due not out of ”popular nature” of European Liberalism, but because of their dependency on the dictates of the laws of the land; this is also why Europeans, esp. of North and Central, never revolts (how many revolutions can you remember from these regions, popular-directed not elitist directed as those in France, Germany etc). Germanic people are some of the best fighters in the world (in our books).

[2c] The Southerners: Loud-Mouthed Romans [i.e Sex-Leisure-Addicts]

In terms of the southern Europeans, of Mediterranean regions (Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Cypriots, Portuguese, and including the French etc), these tend to be very violently loud and dominated (or rather that their daily lives are dominated and dictated) by amore syndrome, the need for sexual and pleasurable relations and sex.

These people love leisure-pleasure time. Though they love to be involved in politics as well like the northerners though unlike the central people who like to leave others to direct their lives. Also these tend to influence how their nations works, especially when it comes to issues of direct importance to themselves, which might impinge upon their leisure-pleasure times and abilities, such as economics crises etc (leaving them broke to pay for sex and play-time!

The French, like the Anglo-Saxon nations (esp their governments and not the people), are the root of the global crises (and for the French, every major continental crises in Europe) because these can not move away from what we refer to as persistent cultural imperial mindsets; where gloire (glory days) and majestic Napoleonic Imperialism still governs their political elites world-views.

[2d] Eastern Europeans: The Good Criminals

Good People, Very Good People, but also very dangerous most of them and highly associated with underworld of crime since these have had to live under unwanted and undesired (that forced) tyrannical powers (from inside and outside), as such they had perfected by learning to work underground, the art of good criminal lifestyles, and this is how they have shaped their racial behaviour ever since (hence to the Nazis these were slavs, ”lower stratas of human beings”, even during earlier dynastic eras of Austro-Hungarian these made the majority of ”Land Slaves”/Serfs). Good Hospitality culture, like Afghanistan’s Pashtuns, where foreigners can be welcomed without issues, since foreigners have always been those who fought or sided with these people against their own tyrants.

[3] Middle East: The Devious Land of The Clever Weak/Princelings

Turks, like the Jews and Middle Eastern Arabs, are the most devious people in the world. Hence these regions have always prospered as the underworld centres of espionage (especially Turkey’s Istanbul). Also these races are top of the world cleverest people, since these were the first to introduce to the fullest human civilization and also because, like Asiatic races (of China and Japan and India), they have always been Non-Violent Cultures as a result of their religious and cultural teachings and upbringing, from Judaism, Islam to Buddhism, where violence was never encouraged, as such these peoples have always preferred, and perfected, to use their minds to outwit their enemies, hence they have always remained the world most cleverest races in the world (including the aforementioned far eastern Asians).

Arabs are very diplomatic and skillful in negotiations and getting something for nothing, whatever the world say it is the west that are being used to provide assurance of power (as bullying muscles) for these princes/ess of Middle East and the local regional Jews.

The Jews are the world most weakest race, though again as any other Middle Eastern races, they are also cleverest and use their brains to fend off their enemies and thus survive by using others to fight their wars; first the Romans, The Europeans Christians/Crusaders followed on, then The British and today The Americans, and perhaps tomorrow it might be either Europeans/EU-NATO or Chinese, or even the oldest enemy, the Russians).

Iranians are one of the proudest, to the levels of absurd weakness, people in the world. Clever, but easily deceive-able due to their over-pride. Very unflexible, as these tend to work like Germans, by time-tables and within strict cultural etiquettes: not admirable characteristics at all since this means it leaves them highly vulnerable (and open for easy attack).

The British….. We Will Not Discuss Here…………………

[4] Far-East: The Lands of The ”Leave-Us Alone” Races

Indians, never ever trust an Indian in complete unless you are very wealthy, and even then they will always be your friend for the money, are another proud people but also very weak. Indians prefer to be ruled by outsiders and are very proud to be occupied and ruled by others, on such fact they are proud, as long as they live wealthy pleasure-filled lives.

The Confucian Races, that Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc, these tend to be very racially proud people. Outsiders can never trust these people, though between one another they can have unquestionable trust. Good Fighters, very clever (though mainly on technical aspects and finances). Not very ethical, and these are disturbingly ‘behind closed doors’ sexual perverts (in other words, they like kinky stuff, very kinky, wow, like really wow); actually this is the fact with many far eastern races, kinky perverted sex is a major aspect of their ”hidden” though dominant behaviours; use of violence during sexual relations is not uncommon, hence these societies have always ravaged each other during wars, and used indiscriminately and ”highly professionally managed” rape and prostitution as one of their weapons (Japanese during World Wars etc).

The Indonesian and Malaysians Muslims, and Filipinos are very good people, very good Muslims and people in general, but also very ‘disturbing” as they have natural tendencies for unnaturally pure-total approaches to violence; hence they always use machetes to cut each other down like during the Timor Crisis of 2000.

Added [2 On Russia]:

The Russians are strongest people in the world, due mainly to the inhospitable environments they are born in. Very Racists though, and very isolated (hence the problem of racial attitudes). The Caucasus Regions (former Soviet Satellites states of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgstan, Chechnya/Ingushetia etc, are some of the best fighters in the world. First-Class. Also very kind people with long traditions of good hospitality to foreigners. They have suffered a lot, but have never bow down to their aggressors, a trait that only the Vietnamese can be said to have the right to claim. If you are a Muslim man then you will be the luckiest man if ever to marry into these peoples/races; you will have a fierce, proud, strong and wise wife (lucky beggar!); another proud women are of course the Palestinians.

[5] Latin Americas: The Violent Rainbow Continent

You have to differentiate here among the once rulers who originated from their European racial stocks ancestors, and the indigenious American Indians. The former prefer to rule and to leisure similar to their Mediterranean European cousins discussed above, while the latter, the natives, are hardworking and fighting people, and very good and kind people. However Latin America people are the world most violent people, hence the continent is the centre of the world criminal activities, from drugs, arms trafficking, human trafficking, gangs, cartels and so forth. But lovely place, the geographies, the colours, the cultures, the food, the people, the languages etc, just beautiful.

We will stop here for now, in few days we will revisit this page/post and updated with other left out races/peoples as well as add and re-organize for a more readable and clear (and in-depth) edition; in other words, if you have found this fascinating reading, then come back soon for more updates, re-edited versions.

Added Note 3 On Further Readings: Please go to my [Saeed’s] specialist blog pages [Click Here] for more on the subject search ”Anthological Pages”, or ”International History” Pages.



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