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((ADDED END-NOTES: Tues 18th March)) Human, All Too Human [Exclaimed Nietzsche]: The Good & Bad of Humans

There are some people who are good and some bad, the former class is in the minority (the rarest of the species), while the latter (the bad to very bad) are among the majority, that is, to use the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, we are all ”Humans, All Too Humans” pegged by our upbringing!

Before proceeding here are some few stereotypes;

  • never trust anyone of Indian blood (from Sub-Indian Continent) for these love and care only for wealth
  • never trust many Arabs or associate with them, for these they think of themselves too high above everyone else, and plagued by pleasure-complex
  • never trust a white-person because for them it is always ”me first” law in operation, in other words, they will turn on you after they have worked with you

and so forth. Get the gist of it.

Anyway, in this post we will set out few points briefly in what make us bad or good.

The Good Humans:

  • Hates Money, material things, over-wealth, and showmanship
  • respects all irrespective of age, gender, colour, beliefs, sexuality or races/cultures
  • when wealthy, shows modesty of a poor man’s lifestyle
  • never offends, and when offended never reciprocate
  • never uses violence unless for self-defence or forced to
  • always a diplomat with a charm of a prince/ess
  • when knowledgeable he behaves us ignorant and seeks to learn
  • never offends the women around or faraway
  • never gets in a position of unavoidable confrontation
  • their words are contractual, and they rather die than break these

The Bad:

  • Loves money, material things, over-wealth (due to greed) and showmanship
  • has no respect to all, think highly of oneself above the rest
  • not modest of his power or wealth, or even intelligence (if can be called so)
  • think of women as playthings
  • ready to use or threat in the use of violence, even when unable to apply it
  • never a diplomat but always a mercenary and confrontational
  • thrive in ”violent public shows”
  • their words are worth not a penny (they can sell their mothers for good, nay, for any price)

Thus to recognize a good or bad person, for marriage or relationship reasons, or mere friendship, first appreciate (through thorough studies) their family background (every person is their parent’s double), their dispositions, their wealth, power (and their show, flaunt or hide these), their cars, clothes, houses, their ”pretentiousness” of their selves (meaning they think the rest are never better than they are; hence a good person even when well-educated can always be at home with easiness among the less educated, because he or she will never put his/her ”intellectual status or achievements” above the rest, and will always remain the humblest even putting oneself under the position of those around him/her). Examine and study their network of friends, the companies they keep, the way they walk, talk, eat and so forth (if they don’t look you directly, not out of respect of offending some cultural etiquette but because they think they are better than you, then there is your answer).

In short, the bad people are many and most dangerous, because these can be easily bought or turned against your out fear and love for wealth and pleasures of the worlds (losing it creates fear, while gaining more of it creates easiness to be ”bought”). While the good people are the rarest, and these passed under the radar without notice (these are the materials of good friends, spouses, comrades and so forth).


One thing a reader must appreciate from above stated observational facts about humans [characters] is that the good people will always be naturally the strongest in body, mind and soul/spirit unlike their bad counterparts who will naturally remain the weakest because;

  • the good unlike the bad can never be corrupted since these have no care or need for wealth, women (or men, young boys or girls; dependent on one’s preferences) and can’t be emphasized enough– they, the good, unlike the bad people, have an absolute distaste, revulsion and hate of Money (the symbolic root of all corruption of the good and the bad).
  • Also, since these, the good, can not be easily corrupted, it means they are also prepared to sacrifice those they love dearest (when they open themselves to loving or even getting emotionally closer to others; e.g. family members, children, spouses, lovers etc) just to uphold their sanctity of purity in goodness and their dearest cherished values, principles and ideals. The bad can never do this out of fear or greed, and will always be ready to ”negotiate” their positions just to keep their wealth and lovers, material and so forth.

Days in News:

Top female police officer attacks’ macho, white, middle-aged male’ culture of UK’s chief constables
US secrecy policy run as though formed by Orwell and Kafka – top official
Top French lawyer Olivier Metzner found dead
MI6 knew Iraq had no active WMD
Britain ‘is suffering a huge loss of faith in its institutions’: Trust in all politicians has slumped to an all-time low, say researchers | Mail Online
Economist Intelligence Unit,United Kingdom Recent Political Developments
Police: commissioner accused of cronyism over £65,000 jobs
Essex police to launch ‘Dad’s Army’ cost-cutting scheme where RESIDENTS will gather intelligence after break-ins
Police hid files on celebrity suspects
French firing over veil was ‘religious discrimination’
Now ‘chilling secret justice’ reaches the highest court in UK
Who cares about new bank levy when you’re Rich Ricci, Barclays banker given an £18million bonus!
Bloggers may face libel fines under press regulation deal | Media | guardian.co.uk
The Andes Chronicles: A Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing – NYTimes.com
Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate gun bill
Lagarde’s flat raided by French police
China expresses support for BRICS Development Bank
Leaked trial evidence suggests NYPD set arrest quotas
CIA tech officer reveals agency’s plan to keep information ‘forever’
America’s shale energy revolution is another Ponzi fraud


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