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Sunday March 17th 2013 Headlines

First an incredible story. a UK activist convicted in UK for ”Yelling @ the PM” (give a leg, they will take a foot in time).
Activist convicted for yelling at PM
UK activist convicted for yelling at PM
This one is how the ”democratic security services” works (no different to Chinese or Soviets). One firms speaks-out, hence, we finally ”found out the truth” (applies to UK too, pre-Snoopers Charters/Justice and Security Bill);
Telecoms firm hails ‘significant victory’ as judge orders halt to FBI’s data demands | World news | guardian.co.uk
The FISA/Echelon Panopticon
The End of Privacy and Freedom of Thought?
‘Squeezed middle’ is too cuddly a term for the harm done to British wages
How London’s gold and silver prices are “fixed”
How Did We Let the Iraq War Happen?by Seymour M. Hersh
The epic story of the C-130


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