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British-Muslims In Britain Today: The Truth


This page discusses the British-ness of Muslims in UK.

The Case Study or example is entirely taken from our personal positions, those of friends, acquittance and from other attended forums or visited on-line forums and blogs.

We, British Muslims and ourselves here at Jerusalem Group/HMCO, are all proud British.

  • We Love Our Country, Our People, Our Culture, Our Values and Ideals and Our General Way of Living based on Tolerance and Respect of Others, and General Freedom.
  • However, and here is the critical point of our diversion not from the mainstream society, as we are part of the mainstream society’s position mistrust and non-support of our contemporary ruling classes in government. In other words, We, British-Muslims and us here at JG/HMCO, have nothing but love and admiration, loyalty and support of our British-ness (People and Culture, Ideals and Values), but not, we repeat but not, in our governing classes and institutions.


  • The death of Meritocracy and the Growth of Nepotism and Cryonism
  • The Ever-Growing ‘Inequality Gap’ fueled by Our Governing Classes favoritism of policy advantageous to the Wealthier Classes (Strengthening of The Wealthier’s Welfare System: We all live in a Cycle of Welfare Lifestyle ever dependent on one another; state on banks, banks on State, businesses etc) and the ever hypocritical and harmful attacks on the Middle & Poor Classes Shielding Structures and Policies.
  • The ’40:1′ immoral and harmful wage system, where some get paid forty-times to what the average national workers earn. Who regulate this structure? Those who profit from it, similar to Banking ”Reforms” that never comes when Welfare Reforms never cease to be implemented on the daily basis.
  • Finally, like the mainstream, the British-Muslims Do Not Support the deterioration of civil liberties and rights in the name of invented fear and threats (”terror”)!

In short, at home, we British-Muslims we are part of the majority of the mainstream national population grievances, seeking equal opportunities, equal rights and equal environment for fair play and competition.


  • Our governing classes and institutions DO NOT REPRESENT us, especially when these take our nation onto their dangerous ”wars of choices” not necessity or self-defense.
  • We, like the majority among the mainstream society, Do Not Support archaic colonial and imperial policies.
  • We Do Not, like mainstream majority, support hypocritical foreign and security policies, when our governing classes and institutions can chose to indiscriminately drop a 5000lb bomb on non-combatant innocent civilians and call the murders of these innocents people (mostly Children, Women and the Elderly) as ”accidental collateral damage”, when those who survive such heinous crimes and thus chose themselves to take arms in self-defense or honor revenge against the perpetrators of such crimes, these are instead labeled as ”terrorists”.
  • We Do Not, like the majority among the mainstream, support the fueling of foreign internal conflicts and wars just so our core economic industries of defense and arms, or private security services and products (mercenaries), can create amicable demand for their services and products in supplies. In other words, most of external wars are fueled to feed our core economic sector, defense and private security, creating or rather forcing demand, and providing supplies in return.


The majority of the British-Muslims, and in general those residing in the West, prefer to voice their grievances, as those grieved parties within the mainstream majority and ourselves here at JG/HMCO do, via non-violent-based approaches; less direct activism, zero civil disobedience and looking more at shifting one another center of political loyalties at the ballot-box.

In other words, we all, that is, the many sectors of nation’s grieving parties (Muslims and non-Muslims, minorities and natives), have always pinned our hopes for change on the western traditions, at the ballot-box. We may chose to aggressively inform, as we chose here to do; we may chose to organize (not us, though some at least do); but we will never, we repeat, we will never ever show open or passive support (or even recommend) in the use of violence, or associate ourselves (i.e. British-Muslims in General, and ourselves at JG/HMCO) with those who lean towards violent acts or approaches: this has been the core focus of our, and general British-Muslims, message throughout our progress to date.


Above are our shared grievances and positions, not separately Muslim-Grievances but part of our majority fellow British citizens/nationals mainstream Grievances, ethnic and natives, in relations to our contemporary corrupt, greedy and non-representative British Government and their dangerous policies at home and abroad.

We, at JG/HMCO and Greater British-Muslims, are strong and loyal British Citizens. We share a lot with our fellow nationals; we have similar love and passion of our cultures, ideals and values, but as in similarities not differences or separately from our mainstream majorities, ethnic and natives, we have little support or admiration of our contemporary British Government and their policies at home and abroad.

The point is: British-Muslims are not a separate segment from the mainstream British society, and rather it is a part of such majority with a common shared list of grievances.

P.S. If ever an aggression comes suddenly tomorrow against our nation, we, British-Muslim and especially ourselves at JG/HMCO, we will don our fighting arms and stand firm and proud side by side with our fellow citizens and members of our nation’s armed forces, fighting for our country and our fellow nationals, but never on behalf of our ”representative” government, because we have never felt this to be the fact, the representative aspect.

In the military culture if you ask a fellow soldier who are you fighting for, they will frankly and openly tell you not for the bloody Queen or King, or Government or Freedom, but for the guy next to me and the colors of my battalion/regiment, and my family behind at home: exactly our feelings!

Recent studies supporting our assessment: From Daily Mail and The Guardian.

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