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Another Muslim Teenager Arrested: How UK Police Fight Austerity Cuts By Fighting Imagined ”Terror” & ”Enemy In The Midst”

Recently we discussed in some details HERE (click the colored word ”here”) how the British Police seemed to have found a useful little tactic at fighting back against the biting austerity cuts against their forces by ”increasing arrests of terror suspects”, all of whom, that of most recent ”arrests”, appear to be Underage Muslim Teenagers (under the age of 17 years old). The recent one was reported via that useful favored national propaganda mouthpiece, The Guardian, yesterday (click here).

The Guardian story is said to have happened in Northamptonshire, apparently a 16 years old was able to manage by his own to research and acquire all capabilities of making a Semtex-based bomb. The details are so ludicrous and strengthening our thesis arguments as sounding as an obvious planted story or ”arrest” like those in Loughborough earlier this month, that it amazes a specialist to comprehend the truth of such a story. For example,

  • How the single lone young boy manage to ”professionally” by his own conduct an impressive, seemingly from evidence produced of the collection of manuals, to
  • How he was able to finance materials necessary to making such a bomb; where did he get the funds? Do not say it was the parent’s spending money given usually to teenagers!!
  • and so many other facets of the story are full of holes, anyway just read the article and the post above which had already discussed some of these similar holes as observed from the Loughborough ”arrests”.

Also seemingly all these new ”arrests” appear to be targeting underage (seemingly absence of real threatening individuals), which seems to further support giving reasons to not disclose names for follow up checks, by independent investigators, as we discussed before (see above post link), and so forth.

All these seem to support our thesis that these new ”arrests” are part of tactics [a] to incite fear into Muslim communities into further control measures, and also into [b] lobbying for funds, away from austerity cuts measures.

Anyway, Please also have a look at our two new pages above, British-Muslims and Western-Muslims (the former, British-Muslims, is highly recommended).

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