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[UPDATED: END-NOTES I] A Simple Self-Defence Instructions For Muslim Sisters: What To Do When Faced With A Potential Attacker (Dog or Person)?

Dear Sisters,

Assalam Aleikum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatu,

As we had received some of your questions (sister’s readers) in regards to the basic simple self-defense advice, that what to do when one, a Muslim Sister, is faced with a probable and potential sex, or other aggressive kinds of, attackers, emanating for example from aggressive dogs/animals and persons, we decided to outline a very brief and important key step-by-step instructions to insure your safety in such a case.

Unfortunately, for the requests on actual self-defense classes we sadly can not provide these since doing so might be interpreted as us providing ”offensive training” to you by some idiots, and we chose to remain clean.

[1] Pepper-Sprays or Mace

First and foremost, the most important ”weapon” we can advice as invaluable to our Muslim Sisters is simply a ”law enforcement” Pepper-Sprays (or Mace, as commonly know). These must be small to fit in your purse or pockets, without a fitting-cap, thus ready-for-use in anytime of emergency.

How to use such a pepper-spray:

aim these at the circumference area encompassing the nose-mouth-eyes, in other words center of the individuals or dogs’ faces.

[2] Point of Attacks When Already-Handled

When you have had no time to make use of your pepper-spray and your attacker from comfortable distance, and thus a dog or individual has gained hold of you, forget Islamic principles or practices and;

[a] hold that individual (not animal) sexual organs (penis and balls) so tight and squeeze within few seconds until you hear a piggy-squeak (from the pigs these attackers are). At this moment the attacker will involuntary let you go for a few seconds from the pain-shock of the squeeze, and now you have the chance to out run him a bit of a distance to safety.

[b] Other areas to attack are the faces, nose, mouth, eyes or ears (below and at the back is more effective), shoulder blades, armpits, ribs, groins, calves, Achilles Heels, Stepping on the foot etc.

[c] Keys, your usual house or car keys, are very effective especially for weaker individual with lesser ”striking power” ( that either skinny or merely physically weak etc) dig these keys on the areas outline above and you’ll leave your attack with a massive pain-shock for between 30-60 seconds which gives you plenty of time to get away or to get to safety distance.

[d] Make sure when using any weapons, keys or sticks, do not hit on the head’s temple, crown or throats, you might just kill him. And use the ENDS not side as a striking points, hold it with both arms firmly (more striking power/digging in for maximum pain).

[e] for dogs, go for the eyes. Dig in your fingers into the eyes until you hear a pop and fluid coming out, you just blinded the dog, it will leave the dog in a short or medium pain-shock period but might, that the dog, come back and attack, because dogs use their sense of smell more than their eyes.

[3] Studying Aggressive Dogs

Dogs like any other animals tend not to initiate unprovoked attacks on humans, these are very rare. To understand an aggressive dog watch these behavioral patterns;

[a] arched back with hair standing up

[b] loud barks with teeth on clear display and at times foaming on the mouth

[c] sloped back, like a teacher’s marking-tick, with front legs and area bent low like a hunting big preys of Africa (on documentary channels) and back legs a bit higher.

[d] tail and ears up or straighten

[e] and eyes focused on you.

What non-aggressive dogs behavior looks like;

[a] barking, loud or not, though tail fledging all around (waving/waging)

[b] ears drooped not standing still

[c] might take the ”attacking stance” but rather still waging the tail.

There tends often to be confusion and misinterpretation which tends to lead from a dog being friendly to being aggressive because an individual misunderstood or misinterpreted the dog’s stance/posture. So to avoid these misunderstanding always;

[1] stop and don’t make sadden moves

[2] never look directly at the dogs in the eyes, especially, look at it crown or ”third-eye area” between the forehead, however we would advice to ”ignore” it in a sense, meaning use only your peripheral sights to keep watch of it ”doings”.

[3] study the dog in terms of above outline traits, peripheral vision wise (outlined above)

[4] never ever run, you can not out run a dog, you will make it more aggressive or more playful which you might misinterpret as aggressive and hence start attacking and thus changing playing dog into an attacking dog (because you attacked first).

[5] talk to the dog, ”good dog”, if you have some chocolate or biscuits take few portions and drop it in front then throw it far, while ever moving away from the dog.

[6] examine if the dog is strained (on its own) or with a handler, with a handler do not move until the handler retakes control, with strained dogs find high places nearby and jump up and out of danger or wait for someone to come do not make sudden moves, or prepare to be attacked by extending your arm when it [[that only when it attack first]] as the focus of attack, then dig those fingers deep into the dog’s eyes.

We will stop here for now, we have to go out for something, but we might and will updated this post so try to come back and check it out if it is updated. (we will recommend you bookmark this post’s page, as easier way).

Any more questions keep sending them to us, and if able to answer these we will do so.




Here we are going to mention perhaps few of the most critical key points to remember in order to assure your safety:

[1] Of course it is expected part of general and basic common sense to avoid;

[1a] dangerous areas with bad reputation or ”support base” for BNP/EDL/Skin-Heads/White-Supremacists etc (in Leicester the whole known areas are Netherfields, New Parks, Beaumont Leys etc); that anti-Muslims or Minorities (racists areas).

[1b] dark areas, alleys or parks. Or areas far-out from major center of populations and leaving you on your own. That is just bad sense.

[2] Above, yesterday, we stated how once you squeeze the ”balls” you try to make sure you that you quickly release and make for escape, this is important the short-time line from squeezing-to-squeak-to-release-and-escape. Most people live by the idiotic cliché that if you hold someone by the balls you have these pervert under your mercy, that is wrong since the pervert, that if you stay long on the squeeze, might instinctively react by either head-butting you and/or knocking you unconscious with a punch or regain control over you, and now your are in position of total mercy of your pervert, hence our advice and professional general advice is to squeeze-squeak-release-escape (all within short-period of mere seconds).

[3] After disorientating your attacker with your surprise counter-moves/attack push him back, this is very important, always push back (can’t be over-emphasized), this provides a further advantage to you by making your attacker lose his balance, the key to any ”fights” or assaults: balance.

[4] Balance: It is very important from start to end, hence the need for you to making sure you never lose balance of yourself, home-training on ”boxer’s stance” is very important, observe how boxer’s stand with one foot not very far in front and apart within 45 degrees etc etc.

[5] Perhaps the most critical of all, always never lose your self-awareness of;

[5a] your surroundings; near population centers or not, dark or daytime, alone or accompanied etc

[5b] your attacker’s capabilities and skills; weight, size, weapons, numbers etc

[5c] your own capabilities and skills; weaknesses and strengths

[6] Finally, for now, remember Muslim Sisters are the most vulnerable section of the community from Islamophobist groups and attackers (racists, anti-Muslims etc): see this study printed this Sunday via the Observer/Guardian, showing over 58 per cent of Islamophobia assaults have been on Muslim Women/Sisters (click the colored sentence to go direct to the study) due mainly as easily identifiable by their clothings as Muslims (and ”weaker sex”).



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