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[[RE-EDITED & UPDATED]] Our Advice To Muslims [No. 2]: The Value of Day-To-Day Self-Documentary

Point: this post is intended primarily for those peaceful fellow Muslim Activists, though general readers might find some useful insights from it’s reading.

A Brief Recap:

This advisory post [no. 2] expands on the first post below which outline the few tricks of how the security services might get to you in order to exploit your closeness to your innocent fellow Muslims and if they fail to get anything incriminating they will use you, as many have been before, to entrap your innocent fellow Muslims into ”criminal” activities.

What do we mean by incriminating and entrapment? In terms of answering this question in the last post we stopped short in expanding what this meant so here we will try to build up on this briefly before outlining a way to avoiding ”being entrapped” by using a simple practice known as self-documentary. All in case the services seek to fabricate lies on you or blackmail, all you will need to do is produce these as counter-evidence.

Entrapment: Examined and Explained

Entrapment is a foremost favored standard-practice to security services especially when you/one is either proving to be actually [a] purely innocent or [b] avoiding to play their games. This might be used to get any kind of ”arrests” to show that the security forces did not waste time, energy and resources on you, which means just arresting innocent people to fill in the quotas and claim to have done their jobs. Or planting incriminating evidence just to get you and your activism out of the way especially as your popularity among local communities and groups grow. Just Google ”Entrapment and FBI”, etc, in UK these are not documented because, as we have already stated in the past, in UK, security services actions are not publicly accountable.

Examples of Entrapments: Making You A Criminal

If you become involved in a peaceful movement or forum or with groups, they, the security services, will target you via their informers and stooges/agents (see the post below for more details on these) by trying to entice you into becoming more militant (in other words, moving from your non-violent position to violent actions). This act will give them the reason to arrest you as a criminal or whatever they might wish to refer to you as. In the forums (virtual world of internet) you will have someone grooming you by first creating a friendship on ”sympathetic” family stories or background, while at the same time by fabricating these personal stories hoping you will reciprocate by opening up your own details; where you were really born, families, what have you been doing, who are your networks, friends, other groups you associate with, etc et ceteras…. In time they will innocently ”direct” you to another group more that they will tell you is ”realistic and more action-packed” not like your present group’s philosophy of non-violence crap (their wordings), and once you take a bet you will be slowly either turned into another agent to get more people involved (as more big arrests are good news for these forces and bigger budgets promises), while all the time you will actually and probably be ”working” with actual agents (policemen and other stooges, not real activists).

In short to avoid this, stay true to your non-violent approach and never participate in any direct actions forms, e.g. protests, riots, and so forth, keep away from group dynamics (for good cause or not).

Also start documenting your everyday life.

Self-Documentary: Your Own Personal Firewall

Self-documentary is a simple progressive practice which goes like this: Every thing you do in your daily basis should be;

[a] be routinized: which means you know, as well as your neighbors, friends and other people you interact with on a daily basis knows, of your daily routines, for example, your 6 am daily early mornings runs, what time you come back, and stay in as working from home, and perhaps have special days for food-shopping and other activities recognizable to all people. Do Not Hide These, let everyone know your routines and habits in open, do not make these a secret (you will be playing to their levels and games, and be an easier prey to them).

[b] you should record your activities on a daily-basis in a journal and via camcorders. Make sure you make three or two copies, and give these for safe-keeping to trusted people who can pass these in time to your representatives.

[c] you should document every thing, and we mean everything, to smallest irrelevant pieces of furniture in your apartment or house, all on camera and on books (like an inventory-list). This should be updated monthly, sort of due diligence on your part (that checking every thing is the way it is suppose to be and in place) as well as catching those little pesky ”watchers” and incriminating things (bugs, planted incriminating things etc).

[d] clean your apartment and house weekly or whatever period of time you might prefer. While making sure that no day passes by when the house is in total chaos. Live your life on the military motto: use something when needed then put it back where it was exactly!

[e] make sure you do not associate yourself with any new ”friends”, or ”girls” (or boys if you are into such things), without knowing who these are and why you ”just seemed to hit it off”. All relations should be your instigation (started by you, your choice and first approach), read more below!

[f] make sure you do not visit incriminating or banned websites, stay away as an innocent individual and as a wise thing to do even when curious!

[g] if you live in shared house (the best kind profile to live in: ever-resided; ‘ghetto communities”; etc), make sure you are the ”dominant lion” of the pack, so to speak, which means you are tacitly looked at by other house-mates as house leader/warden/supervisor; you role will be to maintain peace between residents and other things, while they keep you informed on everything, usual and unusual happenings, around (your own networks of little spies: well protected). Though the job is hard, for example playing the role of a diplomat and a peace broker, reporting breakdowns, dealing with contractors, emergencies, fights, rubbish collection days, fellow residents disciplining (you must be feared and respected). When something happens make sure you apologize by a note or direct verbal apologizes to your next door neighbors, keeping in good relations with these. Make sure you also give them a detailed outline of the house blueprint as well as respective floors and apartments and their occupant-residents dominant characteristics, so when something happens they will straight away know who is actually responsible and so forth.

In short, self-documentary and the ability to maintain a network of your admirers and your friends (without their knowledge), while making sure you have no ”real friends” or ”sex buddies” (girlfriends etc):  these are liabilities.

A Point of Discussion:

The Favored Field Operatives/Agents Approach To Relationships While On The Job:

There is a good ”trick” to getting laid without been seen by your neighbors or house-mates as a ”player”, that a person popular with women (actually with these just let it be a mystery, are you gay or straight?: remember from an outset this is not really morally good practice but it is an absolute gem) is for you to target and seduce specific types of married women from the radius of 1.5 to 3 miles outside your neighborhood (though…….). What does this means is taking where you live, let say the Highfields in Leicester, from here you will target those living in Hamilton, Stoneygate, Evington, Knighton, Rushey Meads, City Center etc, but never those in the Highfields or worse your own immediate neighbors, that is amateurish and stupid (though at times it is ”time-saving”)!

Specifics number Two: is that these married women must be between the ages of 28-40, more matured, married already for the past 7-15 years maximum, the reasons for such marriage period is;

[1] that they will have already ”got tired with their spouses”, though still ”youngly/newly married” to ”remain loyal to their husbands” and always dragged by ”feelings of guilty” with their ”extra-martial affairs” (agents encourage and maintain such a state of self-guilty not get rid of it: told you it is not a moral story); this state of self-guilty means these women vulnerability and ready for ”one offs, no strings attached marital affairs”, the perfect kind for agents, since they want to use these as ”sex-toys or buddies” only, no luvvy-duddy kind (no attachments etc), to avoid these attachment feelings, which is very hard as women are generally naturally prone to emotions, and thus they will in time want to ”run off” with you or come and stay with you/the agent that leave their husbands etc, this is the time to drop them.

[2] But there is another reason for such period of marriage, they must have, and here is the best option, two children in the marriage at least, and these children must be young between the ages of 5-13 not above this is because that particular ages ”still demands” their motherly concentration and care; school-runs, feeding, after schools activities, etc, these are perfect because they keep your ”little relations” purely sexual and never with free time for the luvvy-duddy walks on the beach, trips, cafes, dates etc: all leading to greater attachments. The younger the children the more ”attractive” the target: since the younger they are, the children, the more demanding they will be, for time and energy!

Before we finish off, there actually exists a training programme that seeks to bestow upon agents and others on how ”to seduce” any kind of a woman or man, we wont get into this even though this might be popular here (haha): the point there is no woman or man who can not be seduced, married or not, also why ”intelligence services” as ”legitimate” criminal organizations also ”pimp out” (that sell in a sense) their agents, men and women, into having sex with their targets for information or to get close to whack-off (the practice is called ”Honey-Trapping”): every agents male or female, when one examines their records, one will observe they had ”been passed around” too many times as sexual rag-dolls.

Anyway, these are our new packages of advices to you, Innocent fellow Muslims [Activists]: keep clean, innocent, distanced and ever watchful of new things or relations, and always be on a routine-based (the boring type) lifestyle.

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