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Our ADVICE To Muslims Youths [Incl. Students] & Sisters: How Not To Be Exploited & Turned Into An Informer/Agent Against Your Innocent Fellow Muslims [Without Self-Awareness]


First important thing to get into your head is this: you are not clever than your to-be-handlers.

[A] Definition of a Handler:

A Handler is a professional concept used by intelligence and law enforcement communities in reference to those people who will be handling, running or managing you, once your are unconsciously, and without self-awareness have be turned into their dispensable ”spy agent” (Dispensable Agent: This is also a professional/specialist concept which means in short those individuals who can be used or exploited to spy on others for money or through blackmail and either discarded in time without problems, or with much care about your lose or your cover be blown, hence dispensable) or informer against your own innocent fellow Muslims and the Greater Muslim Communities).

These handlers tell you what to do without appearing as if directing you into spying or informing on or entrapment of other innocent fellow Muslims. They tell you where, when and who is to be your target for [a] collecting information on, or [b] to entrap. They usually use sophisticated psychological and monetary rewards or punishments to induce you into working as their informer or agent without your full self-awareness that you are playing such a role, you will probably be thinking you are doing something good for your fellow Muslim and Greater Communities, instead you are actually placed to create holes even when none exists.

Note: Your handlers will be proficiently trained as HUMINT [Human Intelligence] Operatives, that is the branch of intelligence dealing in the handling and running of human agents. These agents are trained to either over-play/reinforce or down-play/suppress your natural biological and psychological traits; for example if you are a know-it-all who think he or she is clever than any one else they will play on your ego (referred to as EGO UP] or the opposite by downplaying it [EGO DOWN]; if you are a fearful person they will play on your natural tendencies for fear, internally-induced or from external objectives [spiders, dogs like Abu Ghraib and Muslims aversion to dogs: it is called FEAR UP or DOWN] etc. You get the point by now.

[B] The Inspirational Origins of This Post:

This advisory post was encouraged by recent post which appeared on DMU Isoc Facebook address. Below is the original post (copy and pasted for your benefits):

[Original Post Starts]

Calling out to all 18-35 young British Muslims…. fancy earning whilst you speak?
take part in a focus group organized on behalf of Muslim Youth Helpline. Topic ‘British by Dissent’ social activism & the Muslim voice. Weds 6th March @ MBCOL
1a Moat Road, Leicester, LE5 5EF. Contact shaila@policyresearch.org.uk 01530 244944 x233

[Original Post Ends]

The post was re-edited after someone sent it to us to check (good eye from our friend), and when we posted a reply they abruptly forced it to be removed and re-edited their original post which included what types of topics were going to be discussed, ”environmental, health, welfare etc”; we will discuss below the relevance of each critical point of the post original and re-edited versions, piece by piece.

So What Is to be observed from the post above? What are the critical pieces by pieces analyses of value?

[C] Analytical Understanding of The Post in Relations to The Usual Approach of Security Services and Entrapment or Exploitation of Muslims Against Innocent Fellow Muslims

[1] The Post is not directly ”leaked” or posted by an actual person advertising such an event, Miss. Sughra or Shaila of Policy Research Center.

This is a natural approach when conducting such ”relational activities” by letting those already known locally to disseminate your communication. The logic goes like this: If you personally ”leak it” or posted, then people unknown to you wont trust your message or your offer, hence the need to find a local established individual or group with an already established strong trust among your target group.

[2] The Post is on behalf of Policy Research Center as we have already established above (examine the contact email, shaila@policyresearch.org.uk).

The question here is what is Policy Research Center?

Here is the answer, there website. In short, Policy Research Center is just another center among many founded by government to spy and to ”re-educate” ”bad Muslims” to becoming ”Good Muslims” (the programme for doing this is called Channel: where those deemed ”too radicalized” ”undergo” a series of ”re-education” activities to be re-programmed into being a good obedient Muslim). In other words, and few, Policy Research Center is a part of ”Prevent Counter-terrorism Strategy” like FMO (Federation of Muslim Organizations: see here, here and here) or Student Rights dealing exclusively with ”Tackling Extremism On Campuses”: directly managed by MI5, with sole objective of infiltrating UK Universities’ Islamic Societies and inform back to their masters what is going on and point out who might ”show signs of radical ideals and behaviors” etc: the core of intelligence, the maintenance and running of a network of well bought-or-blackmailed informers inside the targeted communities.

So that now we have established who posted the announcement (and via the use of who, as an intermediary or a ”courier” or dead-drop, all professional lingua of intelligence services to meaning a third party or channel) and why, and who they are working on behalf, we can now decipher further questions such as why DMU Isoc and not University of Leicester Isoc (Isoc is short for Muslim-Students Islamic Societies), the answer is because the former, DMU, is more independent with strong Grass-root made up of actual local Leicester Muslims, while the latter, Leicester University, is well-controlled (no fear for ”bad Muslims” there!?),  lot of Muslims getting into such a university have already been well-vetted in the first place (and many are international students). Also because [that is the use of via DMU Isoc] ourselves (Jerusalem Group/HMCO) have many supporters and fans (our base of popularity) there not on the other.

[3] Why MBCOL venue? Being a Muslim Burial Council what does it have with socio-political issues and Why Muslim Youths Hotline: any associations to government (are these funded via government grants- Yes)?

The Logic: all are is Council-run/gov-sponsored, and remember how we have already informed you all before in reference to the easiness and co-working relations between your local government and local security forces, for example, an agent might pose as a council worker to gain entrance and so forth (the easiness); Muslims in Birmingham sued their local council when they found out that ”secret agents” were working inside the council assessing freely their detailed informations (was printed on the report on Prevent via House of Commons Local Governments Committee). Also the venue is between 100-150 yards from where we, Jerusalem Group (ever growing in popularity, creating uneasiness among the local elements when we tell it as it is) are located (opposite us, through the park), and also it is next to local Police Station, the easiness in opportune for a photo-shots of those young ”visitors” from a distance.

[d] Why Women/Sisters are always attractive source of communication, exploited as intermediary agents without their self-awareness?

In every activists-counter activists relational-dynamics, women/sisters, children and youths/students (at times, but rare, older people) are critical in the game of [a] building trust with ease, [b] and thus win over the skeptics and the undecideds. In other words, the power of matriarchal is undisputed.

As Women also act as strong incentive for the targeted groups to ‘comply’, that accept, in participating based on notion ”if a sister is involved then why not me, count me in”, and finally because women/sisters really wear the pants in the relations (meaning they hold greater power in all societies and cultures), whether we brothers and male gender like to pretend otherwise or not, we are slaves to women!. A  woman/sister also is representative and can thus, with ease, persuade [a] a boyfriend, [b] admirers with crush, [c] family and friends (women make more friends than men) and so forth to take part (after being easily trustworthy among all of us).

In short, the logic of using women is an essential part of the approach, played by all sides (even in the so-called ”Arab Spring” you can see women/sisters and children being put in the front-line. Most of these women and sisters don’t even know that they are actually being used against their own peoples, this is what we have tried from the opening sentence to make it clearer. During the cold war era even actual intellectuals and most cleverest people on earth were used and exploited by all security forces of the west and non-west in their games of ideological contest without their self-awareness that they were mere pawns in the greater games, most of them later on while interviewed made it clear that they truly believed they were merely participating in spreading the right message or ideology, but most found themselves later with huge burden of knowing that they personally contributed in the killing or torture of people they thought they were helping.

[4] Why the post’s targeted age group is 18-25?

[A] it is a perfect age for social and political conscientiousness/awakening. Also [B] because we have a good base of support among these groups locally.

[5] Why the clause of ”get paid while speaking”?

This is the usual incentive/reward to attract attendants. In time it will be extended into more financial and psychological rewards as you are being dragged deeper and deeper into the world of treachery and deceit without your absolute awareness: Important point to remember, as we have already stated so within this blog, these forces have been practicing their Dark Arts for generations, and based largely on the fields of behavioral sciences and sociological understandings of individual studies in relations to their environment, groups or other individuals and vice versa etc etc. Like a Pavlovian Dog they will train you without your knowledge or consent into being their tools of information on your own innocent fellow Muslims. They wont come and tell you spy for us, nah that’s to amateurish, they will build you up, making you working for them while thinking you are actually working for the welfare of your innocent fellow Muslim and their communities!

[6] Why non-controversial topics and issues stated as primary topics of discussions?

The claimed program of non-controversial issue for discussions is the usual approach in starting with less ”controversial” and direct issues of the day and try to get an idea of an individual or a group position by starting with their positions on environmental issues, health care, welfare et (after all every political philosophies from Political Islam, to Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Conservatism and so froth, they all have different, or rather one is able with ease to differentiate their positions vis-a-vis these issues in general: Communists are more environmental conscientious, and fight for nationalization of health care, while others might be blah blah blah…. you get the point: in other words, by merely standing and talking, even when one perceive oneself to be speaking about irrelevant and less important or controversial issues, they, the handlers and their agents, behind the seats as listeners and fellow attendees, are assessing your position, are you radical, to be radical or none, and also assessed closely is your attractiveness for the slow recruitment as an informer, stooge or an agent; they will do these by reinforcing you with rewards in time of money and praises, for example telling you that they liked your speaking position and confidence, you will be praised as natural and should come back and talk more on other issues, and this is how they get they ”paws” on you without your own self-awareness that you are slowly being groomed into traitor and collaborator role).

In Summary:

And for now we will stop here, but always be alert and keep asking questions about who is organizing, their sponsors, what in it for them and for you, and why? If you have problems answering any of these questions, or would like to get involved with some group activities but unsure of their intentions and so forth, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will always be happy to look after your welfare (and greater Muslim’s communities one as well). More to come soon, keep on checking on us.



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