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Good Night, General [Hugo Chavez]: March 6th 2013 A Sad Day For Global Resistance

Today everyone wakes up to a very sad news, the death of our own modern era Che Guevara, and the new age of struggle against global imperialism and colonialism of the west (led by what we refer to as the real axis of evils; US, UK and France; Governments and their close ruling classes interests not the general common peaceful people of these nations).

Added Note One: For claims of the west as real axis of evil see this research study (The West as Real Axis of Evil: 78 pages)

March 6th 2013 will be forever in our memory as the day the secret forces managed to finally removed a powerful symbol of the global resistance against their neo-colonial and neo-imperial agendas, the death of the Great Hon. General Hugo Chavez, the leader and president of the Venezuela (and a single powerful symbol of global resistance).

Added Note Two: For those interested in understanding the coexistence of open and secret governments in the west see our [Saeed’s] Paper attached here, 5-pages pdf (two forms of western governments).

However like past efforts to remove the powerful leadership symbols of the global resistance, the secret forces of the axis of evils will never kill the [visions and energy of the] resistances itself– as resistance is an idea well-embedded in our hearts and minds within the general peace-loving anti-imperialists peoples of the world. By removing the symbols of leadership of the resistance, these secret forces are only playing for desperate time, hoping not only to ”extending the coming revolution” but also ‘self-delusional’ to overcome it all together (silence it forever), the former extension is the only option that seem to be working at times, as the desire to see the total death of resistance against their global agendas never dies, from generations to generations the resistance lives on: which is why rather than happening in one ”surgical strike”, the resistance unfolds in patches across the world, and as they, the hidden secret forces of the axis of evils, are forced to go around the world playing fire-fighters, putting off the flames of resistance and their inevitable sweeping fires of revolutions.

Next to be target of the secret forces: Ecuadorian President, Bolivian, Peruvian and of course our own (British) Nightmare the Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.


Good Night, General: A Poem in Memory.

Twice they killed you, but still you lived [like the idea of the resistance you represented],

in their hearts you are forever the angel of their deaths,

you never ceased to meet them from anywhere they came,


you made your nation proud and free as well,

while the world recognized and embraced you to this day,

you kept the hope for change alive and now is ours burden to undertake,


Thank you General for all you embraced,

and we promise in our memories there you will stay,

Good Night General, it was never all in vain.





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