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The Stripping of British-Muslim’s British Citizenship: Calling For An Urgent United Front Against British Government’s Dangerously Unconstitutional & Undemocratic Practice

Introduction: Explaining The Petition Letter & Calls


This post has been sent out to the following recipients (see the list below) calling for an urgent and immediate action in [protesting and] petitioning of the British Government (and Home Office) on perhaps the single most dangerous practice instituted since the passing of the Counter-Terrorism Act of 2000.

The Practice is potentially a direct threat to the well-being of Muslims and non-Muslim British Citizens;

[a] psychologically: as it places fear on many (young) Muslims and their freedom of movement and travels, as well as

[b] physical threat: as a result of the aftermath of the stripping of the citizenship leaving detained Muslims (or non-Muslims) stripped of their protective constitutional and human rights (as protected by our local national laws within the British legal statutes as well as transnational, e.g. EHRC, i.e. European Human Rights Court and it’s assurance of the protection of all European citizens under the UN Charter of Human Rights), which means the practice affords the illegal loop-hole to physical harm, threats and actual torture by other nations (rendered to) or actors (private security contractors) of the victims of the practice, innocent or not (they all must be accounted within their respective national courts, in secret or in open, without the fears of physical or psychological harms).


The Letter for Urgent Direct Action:


Dear Recipients,


RE: Urgent Call For Action Against A Dangerous Practice

Today, Muslims and Non-Muslim residents of the United Kingdom are without a doubt faced with perhaps the single most threatening and absolutely illegal practice initiated by Her Majesty’s British Government (and in specific the Home Office), the unconstitutional and undemocratic practice of stripping the [non-]Muslims of their legal status as citizens of the state of Britain, as a loophole to avoiding accountability within our national and transnational judiciary systems of UK, EU and International Courts.

We, national and international civil societies, need urgently to start the petitioning process against these practices before these ”creep” further into uncontrollable developmental advanced phases.

Recipients like FOSIS (The Federation of Students Islamic Societies), MCB and others can mobilize their members, supporters and local communities to support a petition to force the British Government to stop these illegal and highly dangerous unconstitutional and undemocratic practices.

For a detailed investigative reports and studies on these practices see the following links below directly from the internationally-respected London-Based Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

The List of Highly Recommended Readings on the Issue (with graphics on the Muslims victims):

When being born British isn’t enough

Graphic detail: How UK government has used its powers of banishment

‘Medieval Exile’: The 21 Britons stripped of their citizenship

Former British citizens killed by drone strikes after passports revoked: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Calls for rethink on law that allows Home Secretary to revoke British citizenship


Yours Sincerely,


Senior Officer at Jerusalem Group

[An Independent-Funded Center For Muslim’s Civil Rights]


For the usual readership interests ( a collection of highly recommended news headlines for this week):

New law needed for undercover police – MPs | UK news | The Guardian
Whose luggage is it anyway?
Policeman ‘sold seized drugs to lavish gifts on wife’
Lobbying’s Hidden Influence
We cap benefits but not bonuses. How on earth are we ‘all in this together’?
Revealed: One in four of the UK’s top companies pay no tax while we give THEM millions in credits
Hammond: cut welfare not troops
Write to your MP about the Justice and Security Bill today
‘Tradition of bullying and hegemony’: Assad lashes at UK’s ‘shallow and immature rhetoric’ towards Syria
Whistleblower Mark Klein provided this photo of a secret room in a San Francisco AT&T switching center, which he claimed housed data-mining equipment that enables the government to spy on electronic communications.
NATO 3 Case Challenges Constitutionality of State Terrorism Statutes
Europe’s Fund For ‘Democracy’ Puts Its Money Openly Behind Regime Change
NATO Forces Kill 2 Afghan Boys
What Privacy Is For


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