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[[UPDATED Saturday]] Hey Muslims, Is The Message Received?: The Case of Loughborough ”Counter-Terror” ”Arrests” of Muslim TEENAGERS (under 17s) & The Secret of Invisible Long-Arm of Law Explained

Loughborough ”Counter-Terror Arrests” Explained

The recent announced ”counter-terror arrest” by Leicestershire Police supporting Manchester ”Counter-Terror” Unit in Loughborough of a three under 17’s young Muslims teenage-boys in Loughborough is something out of a comic book, though one with a consciously designed and specifically-targeted desperate message which goes like this: we are still watching you Muslims-lot and your ”trouble-making” perceived agendas.  You got to toilet, we can smell the s**t; you fart we can smell the s**t; you ………….. (the myth of an all-seeing eye and invisibility of security services, demystified below in some details, keep on reading).

The Objectives & Target-Specific Message/Signaling of the ”Arrests”:

In short, the ”arrests” was undoubtedly intended as a specific-group targeting message to [a] the specific young Muslims civil activists, [b] the general Muslim communities in and around the Leicestershire regions, and [c] probably, though less important but extra added value, of the services self-marketing value in just about time closer to budget and fiscal approximations, of the local Police forces and their need to show that they still need the funds ”because even in and around the peaceful Leicestershire ”terrorism” is an issue, apparently” (the modern version of ”cry reds threat and their communists fifth estates” during the Cold War Era, and thus avoid suffering the harsh austerity measures/cuts already preplanned and approved by central government).

Our Advice to Innocent Leicestershire Muslims:

So the advice will be: Go on with your life and your activisms, or whatever. Don’t fear the ”intimidating messages and signals” (the normal psychological operations, as usual part of the package when ”dealing” with ”criminal activities or resistance”; or in reality, when dealing with voices for change against preexisting status quo) from your police and other security services, most of which are ”made up not real arrests”, as this one in Loughborough has all the characteristics of being of such a nature, as already [a] ”suspects” are ”out on bail” (mmm?), and observe the so-reported ”operational time-line” from ”sting to arrest”, too short for ”counter-terror” activities and so forth.


To close off, the question is: Hey Muslims, Is the Message Received? Are you still well put in your ”fear factor box” (being a good blindly obedient Muslim who live in Orwell’s world of ”Ignorance is Knowledge, War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery”)? Or are you going to keep those two-fingers still high (for up yours fascists and continue to tell it as it is against all odds)?

The Apparent Charges:

Possessing ”criminal reading materials”. Remember what are the characteristics of a Fascist State are, one of principal one is banning or controlling reading materials. Followed by ”non-clarified” nature of ”suspected materials”, etc.

In other words, if a Muslim, brother or a sister, and just raised a ”red flag” of having downloaded ”anarchists cookbook” or any other materials ”deemed suspicious” for either [a] professional reasons, as an expert or a student, researcher etc, on the subject, or [b] for general interests and curiosity, then you will probably be ”charged” by undertaking such acts; which in itself begs the question: how did you ”know”, I am Muslim, living in specific address etc, just downloaded or acquired such a material? The illegal and unlimited powers possessed by these actor before even the so-called ”Snoopers Charters” is passed. Even the observations and readings of such legal precedents as ”RIPA” (Regulations on Investigative Procedures Acts) is full of jargon which when summed up comes to an obvious point: the power to decide right or wrong, what is suspect or not, what is legal or not, blah blah blah is down not to rule of law (the over-sold cornerstone of democracy) but of state police and security services, which means everyone, and especially Muslims are under, that living in a, Surveillance State (Welcome to the Great Britain, Folks!).

How to Get The Truth?

Are the ”arrests” real, and how these happened? Wait for more details coming through via newspaper and media channels, and then investigate these by following up on the names of the ”suspects” released (usually they don’t when it is ”invented arrests”, they just suspect A or B etc), and then go to Loughborough and find these or of similar names, etc……

Explaining The Secrets of the ”Invisible Long-Arm of Law”:

Let us take this opportunity to ”devalue” the myth of the invisibility of the ”long arm” of law (and intelligence services).

These services live on such a myth of general invisibility, which means it keep you or the targeted sections of community ”in their places”; quiet, obedient and well-controlled. The truth is these services with all experiences (limited to force rather than wits) are totally made up of incompetent individuals whose primary attractive characteristic on their recruitment is their ”unquestionable loyalty” to the state (the existing establishment and it’s status quo order).  Thus the simple point here is Don’t Be Fearful or Scared of These Mythical Creatures!

However do not underestimate their ruthlessness, such as in inventing lies as truth, meaning ”arresting innocents” just to ”send message”, or torturing or blackmailing, or their more favored approaches in recruiting their communities ”eyes and ears”, that informers, this is how they get to [a] keep an eye on the ”undesirables”, as well as [b] get insiders information in the workings of communities etc, with the help from the communities’ weak personalities who can be either bought with promises of money (we refused this after our time in the military as we were coming back into the community), or forced to do their bidding as a result of blackmail (hence, our initial refusal led to harassment of all sort in the past).

Lets take as an example of how they might ”spy” on you.

They approach your neighbors (for example we ourselves might have some of these, but one on our one of the two wing appear to be ”good people” not a kind to be easily manipulated or ”bought” or intimidated, we have some respect for this one; the other one of the two, on the opposite wing, we have more questions and little answers, still not important to us either way as we are all legit to the core: and we have even dismantled our own equivalent ”vetting/surveillance” systems/processes on these neighbors, no longer do we care who does what or when, it is our third year, almost, around these parts so we are more comfortable on all local patterns of behaviors).

Anyway back to neighbors, the forces/long-arm will tend to approach these and spread lies about your status as a ”terrorists suspect”, and so they ask to put up listening devices and general post. Or they ask these to act as your ”special watchers” recording your every movements, habits and relations;

[1] what time you go to school, work, training, shops, pick up children, leisure activities etc.

[2] who are your circles of networks and friends? Visitors, their photos, their car plates, how long they visit you and so forth.

and many other we will leave out for next time.

These ”personal watchers” come from the old practices known as the ”block wardens”, where someone will be given the responsibilities of similar to those outlined above but rather eclipsing an entire neighborhoods or visible streets (today this ”block warden” role can be second responsibilities for those also acting as your personal watchers).

Other things they keep tabs on are;

what are your shopping habits, dietary intake, training programmes and times, hobbies, medical issues and drug intakes and so forth. They easily keep up with these in terms of how you pay, is it cash or by cards (among the specialists field of ”counter-terrorism in US and here, apparently, Muslims who tend to pay by cash might just be the wanted ”suspects”, with the latter, card payments, with all the information being easily accessible while the former, cash, they have to wait either for your garbage day collection and go through your rubbish for grocery and other receipts, bills, etc: you can know everything about a person or household from their discarded rubbish (intelligence tradecraft: in countering this, other spies or ”criminals” usually burn/DIY-recycle their rubbish, all).

Above outlined is the essence of so-called invisible intelligence and police ”long arm”! The other one to follow is after the information (or investigation phase is done)  is collected, they can now send in their own ‘terror squads’ to intimidate you or scare you, or even beat you up, and so forth.

How to deal with these?

All we can say is just stay on your legal path, do not engage in their ”favored games”, after all if you do not engage then it is really not a game you just frustrated them, and they might try to induce you more and more to come into the game just resist the urge to get roped into the game (they make the rules, and they are professionals with generations of experiences, you wont win!).

The secret answer is XXXXXXX. we will no divulge here (top secret). But it is purely on a legal non-violence model.

ADDED NOTE (Saturday, March 2nd 2013): Yes Your Local Neighborhood Watch is Your Local ”Block Warden” (with a less sinister name!): Like this one St.Peters Neighborhood run by Your Local Leicestershire Police taking ILLEGALLY innocent people pictures with high resolution cameras (pretending to be doing a service for a community ”watching over litterers”, those throwing rubbish everywhere?????: can you see yourself on their website, perhaps caught taking a damp on the side walk, haha!— community spying at its best).

These neighborhood watch meet with police every month for ”debriefing” and reporting, at the same time given confidential details of who to watch but not why. If they want it to be open and legal, they should (that the police and the neighborhood watch) put self-identifying stickers on their premises and self, that we are ”neighborhood watch” not do it in secret behind windows and bushes.


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