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Our Published Paper: Do You Legitimize The Existence of A ”Jewish State”?

A Foreword:

This paper is reprinted after the events surrounding Respect Party MP George Galloway’s refusal to debate a Jew because he stood on his principles of not appearing to legitimize the existence (by recognition) of a ”Jewish State” in Palestine.

The paper examines the almost two-third control of key western media and entertainment industries by Jews (with agenda to soften perceptions on ”Jewish State” Existence and Recognition), the Hitler’s Fear and Warning.

We at Jerusalem Group/HMCO completely stand firm on our arguments (supported by evidence) as presented on the paper (reprinted here).

The new published paper is an extension of an original post that appeared here (go here).

The Published Paper:

Do You Legitimize the existence of a ”Jewish State”?

There exist a little linguistic trap which I refer to as ”Wittgenstein’s Ontological Trap” (hereafter, WOT), the name is in reference to a twentieth century Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who inspired what was to be the ”Vienna School”.

In short, Wittgenstein argued that, words are meaningless unless individual words are paired in reference to an object; in other words, humans give meaning to objects and ideas by naming them, and accepting such given-names.

Are you following?

Lets try another approach.

Within the sub-branch of the field of philosophy there exist the branch of the ‘philosophy of religion’, and within this field the hottest old-aged debate can be found in the epistemological question surrounding the existence of god: Does God Exist? Those who claim in favour of the idea of the existence of an-all-powerful and knowing being preferred to using an ontological-tautological approach to logical-reasoning which essentially goes likes this, that God exists, and here is a point to follow, because if he didn’t then humans would have not invented the name of ”God” (Jehovah, Allah, Holy Father and so forth).

Premise One [P1]: I believe in God
Premise Two [P2]: I believe in Something Called God
Conclusion: Since I believe in God, and I have a Name for that which I call God, then God Must Exist!

Are you still following?

In other words, by giving something a NAME, we, humans, then legitimize that OBJECT’s existence and function. This is why we are all legitimises in the existence of a ”Jewish State” that is in reality only a myth, this is the point of the present article, which calls for an end to ”unconscious collective legitimisation” of Palestine-Jews (which should be the primary reference) claims of a ”statehood” in Palestine, called ”Israel” (Hereafter, it will never be repeated in full, but only represented by an open-and-closed ”I”)


[Fact One for Readers]:

The earlier Jewish lobbyists, founded within the European-based Jewish Agency, actually wanted to claim a piece of territory within the lands of Latin America, in particular closer to the borders of Argentina as their own ”Holy Land”, and not Palestine, go and read the first manual written by Weissman, seen as an important document by many Palestine-Jews.

Anyway, back to our troubling linguistic trap, of WOT, which throughout many studies has been well-discussed in depth by many philosophers, theologians, psychologists and even communications specialists (that, propagandists, public relations, advertising and marketing specialists who uses the trap to sell or persuade, or change people perceptions of brands or other people or events). For those interested with further readings, go out and find the works written by either Derrida, Foucault, Sartre, Beaudriaulle or even by psychologists, especially in the fields of neuro-linguistics (Chomsky), or cognitive psychology or general psycho-analysis.


[Fact Two For Readers]:

The field of psychology is a Cultic ”self-proclaimed scientific” field dominated by Jews, and to understand the significance of this statement please continue reading, which one would see it is used to unconsciously shape your ways of thinking about many things, this fact borders on conspiracy, but I will give you an example that no one else dare to give you, but some few powerful people have done so, and since they had pointed out a devious truth, they were finally not spoken of any more: as the truth can not frequently be repeated as it might just find a receptive-ears, that supporters who will destroyed the whole agenda.

Anyway back again to our linguistics and to the point.

You see, dear readers, by ever referring to modern ”Jewish State” by it’s signified-name [that ”I”], and by constantly reprinting and displaying for all to see their ”statehood” symbols like their ”national” flags, we all, sadly, have fallen unconsciously into depths of the ”Wittgenstein’s Ontological Trap”, and we have all become the ”accidental legitimizing parties and apologists” for the existence of such a ”state” in Palestine (a land rightfully belong to the local Palestinian-Arabs, Palestinian-Jews, Palestinian-Christians but not ‘all Jews’), while at the same time finding ourselves challenging the same claims of a ”statehood”.

I hope now you are all following well my point of argument?

The point is simply that by accepting the ”signification” (as Derrida and others would state, in reference to what the object is called or referred to as by it’s signifier, that the person who gave it a name) as ”I”, that a natural ”Jewish State”, we are then unable to get ourselves out of own contradictory dilemma, as on the one hand we fervently proclaim non-acceptance to the existence of ”I” (an ”Independent and Legitimate Jewish State” in Palestine), while on the other we unconsciously helping to ”brain-washing”, and thus legitimising, the Jews claims of a ”state”, by replaying the ”symbols of statehood existence”. This is why above I made the reference of a Jewish-dominated field of psychology, as well as mass communications, for example, Freud, was the founder and cult leader of the field of psychology, in a sense, and his little American-Cousin Edward Barnes, was equally an innovative founder himself of another ”mass brain-washing practises” today known as either Public Relations, Advertisement, Marketing or mere Mass Communications, and while Dr. Goebbel, another Jew, was a master-teacher of propaganda.


[Fact Three For Readers]:

Adolf Hitler was right (even when many claim he was more paranoid than being real) when he warned of the ”Great Jewish Global Agenda for Mastery” of souls and minds of the masses of the world. He warned that the Jews had set out to control the instruments of ”mass communications” (of course on top of Banking Structures, the instruments of financial and political power) for their own interests. And as we can observe directly from psychology to entertainment industries, today the Jews dominate these sectors of the economies.

Here is unavoidable and observable fact: in today’s US film and Television, as well as the general news media/press industries, that almost completely at a 90 per cent dominance, these are owned by Jews, even Rupert Murdoch, an International Media Mogul, recently was caught out on a social media, twitter, raising his concerns in open about this new trend (which started long time ago) of the dominance of these key industries, that media and entertainment, with ease reach and ability to shape and influence mass perceptions and thoughts (or brain-washing or social engineering), by the Jews. You still want viable evidence. Go home and watch any program or films, or even news channels, you will see yourself getting ”taught”, of course in an ”entertaining ways”, the key ”ways” of the Judaism cultural characteristics and practises; with frequently repeated references to ”Bar Mitzvah, or ”Krav Maga”, or their ”fun little pronunciations of gentile words”, like ”schtick”, etc.

This little ”fun way to teaching” secretly, or brainwashing, of the Jewish culture and beliefs into global masses is based on the idea championed by Freud himself, in his work ”Civilisation”, stating that through the use of ‘Humour’ people can communicate unhindered their racial attitudes (all programmes when examined, the Jews, writers or actors, make liberally fun of others races; in other words, they get away with racism because it is in within the context of ”entertainment” and ”comedy” etc), their aggressions and their hatred of others and so forth, a practise that is central to Jews, hence they have, throughout history, dominated ”the entertainment industry” with comedians and writers, or in the old age through court-jesters and so forth. A TV programme to watch for example, might be The Larry David’s show, Curb Your Enthusiasm (for special episode on ”the take on Palestine-Jews question watch Series 10 episode 4 or 5, with the ”Palestinian Chicken Cafe”, and be amazed at what they can get out of by claiming it is all for ”entertainment”!).

In short, we must all stop referring and re-legitimising a Jewish ”statehood” claims by accepting their significations or symbolisms of ”a nation” name (”I”) or a ”national flags”, ”borders” and so forth. The ”non-existence state” of Jews should not be given too much ”air time” or ”validification”, by constant reference, but should be ”silenced across the media”, and only discussed when they did something very naughty. The truth is the Palestine-Jews (what should be the most common reference, rather than ”I”) themselves have always understood the truth of the nature of their affairs in Palestine, as temporal leasing, that they are only there and surviving because of the fortune of their powerful masters in the west, the very same gentile they have always despised and hated, first through the ”good-will” of the British, even after fighting against them, then since post-WWII it has been in the good favour of the US, and now they are courting the ”good grace” of a rising new powers of EU and NATO structures/alliances; even Henry Kissinger, vehemently Pro-Jew, the person most responsible in assuring that the US took over ”protectorate role of Palestine-Jews” after the British power waned, recently, that last year in October, was quoted to have said the ”Jewish
State” has only a decade left in ”her existence as a state” in the region, that Palestine!

To sum, let us all stop legitimising the ”statehood” claims of the Palestine-Jews, and find ways to re-intellectualise the discourse around the issue.



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