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White Leicester/Britain [Part II]: Senior Muslim Police Evidence & Others

This post is an extension of the last night’s (Weds 20th Feb 2013) post, which examined the myth of a ”proportionally representative” multicultural Leicester/Britain, by showing, supported with hard evidence, that Britain is still ruled and run by white-majority in many sectors, especially those key to running the nation (yesterday we provided the evidence for Leicester City Council and Police).

In short and to the point, this critical societal [and political] issue of misrepresentation does defeats two key critical issues at social, political, economic and cultural levels;

[1] The ever pronounced need for integration into a Greater British Society for non-whites.

The question here is:

How can one integrate into a society which bars one from really participating in the running and effecting the workings and progress of such a society?

[2] The so-called ”dependency culture” of the minorities, especially, and recently the claims of Muslims on ”Jihad Seekers Allowance” (The Daily Telegraph), not wanting to work, apparently but living off the state ”while preparing to wage holy war” (the usual Islamophobia hysteria within the British, and general western, media).

The question here is:

How can minorities get away from ”dependency” if they never get ”equal opportunity” to compete and secure more ”dream jobs” (with affordability for living) at higher ends, and forced, with all their over-educated degrees, to doing boring, manual, insecure, temporary, non-degree ”crap-jobs”?

Now before the interview is to be reprinted here we can point out also that every other key institutions, not just in Leicester but in Greater Britain as well, are dominated totally (i.e. 100 per cent) by whites. Take the Leicester Case for example, from local Media (Leicester Mercury and BBC Leicester), to Emergency Services (Fire) to Health Services (NHS), to Schools, Colleges and Universities, Banking and Financial, to even Sports (Leicester Tigers and Foxes), and to local Territorial Army outfits (III Royal Anglians Ulverscroft-based and Yeomanry at South Wigston), all these are white-dominated institutions!

The Interview (The Guardian):

Senior Asian police officer retires after promotion snub over media skills

Chief superintendent Dal Babu walks out after 30 years service lamenting a failure ‘to replicate the communities we serve’

chief superintendent dal babu quits police

Met police chief superintendent Dal Babu said there was a lack of will to change within the police service. Photograph: Martin Godwin

One of the most senior Asian policemen in the country is quitting the service on Monday after being rejected for promotion to chief officer rank.

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu speaks four languages, has been awarded the OBE, holds a master’s degree and is responsible for soaring public confidence ratings in the London borough of Harrow he runs, but was considered unsuitable to assume chief officer rank because his media interview skills were not deemed good enough.

Babu, 49, has been a prominent and eloquent spokesman for Muslim police officers with wide public exposure, including being interviewed by John Humphrys on the Today programme.

He was refused a place on the strategic command course for the next generation of chief constables despite repeated public pronouncements by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) about the need to improve diversity in police leadership, of whom just 2.8% are from black or minority ethnic backgrounds.

This year there are no black or minority ethnic officers on the course and chief officers admit the service is in the grip of a diversity crisis.

Babu, who joined the Metropolitan police in 1983, warns in an interview with the Guardian that the poor representation of ethnic minorities in the police service is going to get worse, particularly in senior roles. He says the responsibility for improving diversity lies squarely with chiefs and reveals there are pockets within the police that are still white male bastions – including specialist CID departments and firearms units…….. CONTINUE HERE.

Finally the usual great articles:

Apparently, according to The Guardian today British Police ”sides with EDF (NOT EDL) Our Apologises”. Also, the British PM unapologetic on British Imperial Crimes on visit to Indian site of great British Holocaust/Massacre of locals. And lastly for the day, the usual British Racism as exhibited by the highest family of the state, the Royal Prince remarks towards a Filipino nurse.


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