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White Leicester: The Myth of A Multi-Culturally Representative Leicester (Evidence: The Council & Police)

We have continuously stated, with obviousness, how not only Leicester, but also the Greater British Society in general, is still backward in racial representation within her society’s key post such as the government, police, judiciary and many other essential facets of running an effective and representative society.

In this post we present two key evidence (very simple and basic, and directly extracted from the sources’ own websites and available for public eyes).


[I] Evidence of Non-Representative Council:


First we have from Leicester City Council a document (5-pages pdf: senior management structure V11) which outlines the structure of the Council’s Organizational Management and Key Staff in chart-form.

Now what is it one can not fail to observe in studying such a document?

[a] The entire senior management structure of 24 people is completely filled up by white people with zero ethnics (minus a ”city barrister” whose actual structural placement is ”Corporate Resources and Support”, that bottom structure, Mr. Kamal Adatia).

[b] Every Outlined Key Departments, four of these (minus aforementioned senior management, which makes it five), is headed by a senior white person with his or her senior white assistant (and third person is where you find the ethnics, when one exists)!

[c] Out of 139 personnel identified on that document only 11 are ethnic (and only 3 of these are Muslims)! Talk About Disproportionate Representation, or lack of it!

[d] Out of those 11 ethnics, these tend mostly to occupy the lower departments roles (with similarly lower role within even these departments, meaning they have white people to answer to and not vice versa even in these lowest of departments).


Summary of Key Statistics:


Senior Management: 24 Total (24 Whites, 0 Ethnics)

Education & Children’s Services: 18 T (16 Ws, 2 Es)

Adult Social Care, Health and Housing: 25 T (20 Ws, 5 Es)

City Development and Neighbourhoods: 30 T (29 Ws, 1 E)

Corporate Resources & Support: 32 T (30 Ws, 2 Es)


[II] Evidence From The Police:


Now to the second piece of evidence, courtesy of Leicestershire Police (a 22-pages document).

What does one get out of examining the structure of Our Local Police?

[a] You have to collect and research materials and piece these together from various points to see the entire structure in fullest.

[b] When collected one will see the entire senior and lower management are completely white not even a single effort of ‘a tiny bit of representation’; for example, the top players, Chief Constable is Simon Cole, followed by Deputy Simon Edens, and Asst. Ch. Const. Steph Morgan, and even senior supporting staff are white, Alsion Naylor (HR) and Paul Dawkins (CFO).

[c] When one studies the document one fails to encounter a single reference of the lack of representation, or even a mention of ”racial representation”; that, numbers of whites, black etc, Asian, Muslim and so forth. The document is filled with pies and graphs, charts and so forth but not a single one on this important aspect.


Now what do you think? Do you still feel ”Represented”? Or Are you coming around the sad reality that you can have a British nationality, passport, birth and so forth, but you will never be ”counted” or given a chance to be a British!


Now for a selection of this mid-week headlines for you:

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The ‘Robocop’ headset that lets police see through walls and identify suspects just by LOOKING at them
Racism is hurting whites as well, says Doreen: Stephen Lawrence’s mother warns equality is going ‘backwards’
Hill staffers often travel on tabs of foreign countries
Is someone scanning the Earth? The mystery of the barcodes painted on the ground across the world
US drones killed more Afghan civilians in 2012 – UN
Nancy Pelosi says drone strikes on Americans can stay secret
EU agencies to sanction Google over privacy violations
US is major recipient of humanitarian aid from UAE
Think there’s no alternative? Latin America has a few
‘Land Grabbing’ Foreign Investors Buy Up Third World Farmland
E.ON lobbied for stiff sentences
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Pull Back | Foreign Affairs
After the Arab Spring: How Al-Jazeera Became A Propaganda Tool For Qatar’s Geopolitical Interests
Files reveal how FBI tracked Swartz

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