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Sunday Readings: A Collection of News Headlines

FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot – BlackListedNews.com
Annie Machon’s (ex-MI5 Officer) New Piece:
The End of Privacy and Freedom of Thought?
Civic Watchers On Modern Western Surveillance and Police States:
EPIC Obtains Documents Detailing Data Collection on US Citizens for Counterterrorism Center
EPIC Obtains New Documents About FBI Cellphone Tracking Technology
CCTVandalism: ‘Camover’ game pokes Big Brother’s eye in Germany
Giving Drones A Humour Side:
Brave New Drones
Unfit Overweight Police:
5,300 police aren’t fit enough to walk the beat: Probe reveals appalling condition of officers… and now they face stringent new tests and a pay cut if they fail
Modern Concentration Camps for ”Political Dissidents/Whistle-Blowers”:
Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower John Kiriakou Sentenced to Prison While Torturers He Exposed Walk Free
On Torture V. Drones (The New Yorker):
Rationalizing America’s Warsby Jane Mayer


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