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Is The ”Black Standard” Being Embraced [With Ease] Today As The Global Muslims/Ummah ”Union Flag/Jack”?

Everywhere one looks nowadays one just can not miss to observe the [proud] flying colours of black and white flag (so-called ”the black standard”) of the Mujahedin (Muslims Insurgencies and Resistance Forces), which seems to be slowly growing in popularity, even among the Greater Muslim Ummah (Muslim public) as a ”rallying flag” for a new [long-term dreamed and desired] Muslim [Islamic] Union (or to some Khilafah/Caliphate), and away from it’s western attempted representation as a symbol of violence and ”terror”.

The questions are;

[1] are the long-dreams of Muslims unity finally found their symbolic representation, in this flag and actors? and

[2] what about the Muslim-Seculars, do these also embrace such a flag with ”Shahada” (there is no God But Allah, and his Prophet as true messenger) on it (antithetical, seemingly, to their positions)?


Islamic Union Flag




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