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The Guardian Expose On A Surveillance State & Modern Technologies (with a Video)

Today (Mon. Feb 11, 2013) The Guardian newspaper (UK-based) printed an expose on (though it is an old news and technology, as it reputed to have came out during 2010, and as we all know the cycle of innovation, for technologies, is shorter than any other products, which means there have probably been more further advanced and sophisticated breakthoughs in products and services since then; and even the so-called proliferated laws such as the ”snoopers charters” in UK or CISPA in US, or SOPA in EU are initiated so only to legitimize and officially authorize acts already in action in secret) of how modern information technologies revolutions have enabled with ease all sort of governments to conduct illegal surveillance on their citizens and outsiders as well.

First below is the video link (courtesy of the Guardian) of the story (3mins), followed by two-article links of same story and few others.

Enjoy (or rather be amazed and shock for the naive and uninitiated)!

The Video:

How Raytheon software tracks you online – video | World news | guardian.co.uk

The Articles:

Weapons maker creates social media spy software

Warning over social networking ‘snooping’ technology – Telegraph


Is this the end of the email password? Google working on a security system where users put a USB chip on smartphones or jewellery
Anger as MPs quietly water down safeguards on secret justice while focus was on gay marriage debate  (VERY IMPORTANT ON SECRET COURTS BEING SLOWLY PASSED SECRETLY UNDER YOUR NOSES!!!)
Adultery website ‘Out of Town Affairs’ received 52,000 hits in seven months from Parliament computers
Inequality on the rise as it’s revealed top 1% of earners now receive 10p in every pound
Follow the self-made road: Incredible machine that lays out a carpet of bricks removing back-breaking hard work


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