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Sunday Evening Readings: Plenty to Keep You Well-Informed


The snoopers’ charter costs £400million before a single piece of data has been collected
Gore: US democracy has been hacked
Welfare fraud is a drop in the ocean compared with tax avoidance
Blairs paid £1.35m in cash for home number SEVEN: Splashed out on a four-storey Georgian townhouse for son Nicky
German Activists Punch Out Big Brother’s Eyes
Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart
The Real Invasion of Africa and Other Not-Made-for-Hollywood Holy Wars
Five reasons to leave Britain | Victoria Coren | Comment is free | The Observer
Opinion: Why Police Lie Under Oath
Divorce cases could be settled by Sharia and religious courts after landmark High Court ruling over Jewish couple’s dispute
The Myths of America’s Shadow War – Loch K. Johnson – The Atlantic
Scores of Harvard students suspended in cheating scandal


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